Eldridge park


Monday after the 4th hmm.. yesterday was a long day so we slept in (in the air -conditioning) Eric was pretty sore from his adventure in Lowman. We hung around watching some TV relaxing inside. It was high 90’s by noon.  We called a  few friends and met at Eldridge park for some putt-putt in the evening. Not sure how long it has been since any of you have been to Eldridge, but they are doing great things over there! The is a Brand new putt-putt course , a small train ride , the carousel ride , Jasper and paddle boats. There is a skate park, 1.06 mile walking trail, soccer and baseball fields.  Eldridge park has a long-standing history, I am  glad tgolf clubshat they decided to reserect the place!  To learn about Eldridge park, special events, hours, and old pictures check out this site: http://www.eldridgepark.us/  

It cost $5 a person to play Putt-Putt. We decided to play boys (Eric, Logan and Nick) against girls (me, Doro, and Janet). The course is beautiful and kind of difficult. The clubs are probably the hardest part of it all. The clubs are rubber so you think you hit the ball good and it does not go very far, took awhile to get use to and obviously I never go use to it as my score was a 56, yes a 56! I think I could get that at Tommaso’s on the front 9, whole crap I did awful!  Each hole has a different quote to read, which was great. “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to”- Following the Equator, Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar. We were kind of surprised of the theme at the course, kind of greek?!?!   A few pictures of our fun. 


 It was so hot, but we trucked along. We learned that the course is “home of the dirty urn” so people were fighting over this addition to the right, they did not like the fact that the urn had a naked man on it. They tried to protest and I guess some people at Eldridge even considered covering it up, get a life people! There are shirts available to support the Urn if you are interested.   




Ok so the boys won by 10 strokes, ugh! We were so hot after the putt-putt and since the girls lost, we had to buy a ride on the carousel.  The ride is so worth the $1! It actually goes kind of fast and for a while. It cooled us down a little. We discussed our strategy before getting on.  Logan actually had an old ring from the original ride, he had won as a kid. He keeps it on his key chain, he’s such a Kool kid! Anyways Logan, Eric, Nick and I go for an outside horse and Doro and Janet hit the inside, which go up and down. The outside riders are trying for the ring. We go round and round and finally Nick gets it but drops it, dumb ass! The kid puts the ring back into the thing and Nick actually get the ring again and this time is able to hold on to it. Nick decides to keep it even though it is worth a free ride! There is a gift shop and snack stand in the carousel building. We decided to save the train ride for another day as we had too much fun on the carousel and did not want to ruin the train ride, it would probably seem weak after the carousel.  

We decided that food and air-conditioing is much-needed at the time. We go to The Pioneer.  It is Monday so the special is 2 hotdogs and fried with gravy for $6, sweet! I think most of us got that.  Eric and I played Quick Draw and lost. I found an awesome picture of Larry Bird  well not really awesome, kind of “special”. Funny how you go somewhere for many years and never really notice things. A lesson I will take with me today, keep your eyes open, you never know what you will find! If you are looking for some good bar food head to the Pioneer, support the local businesses! 

Not sure how I almost forgot this but I bought some super sweet bracelets at Eldridge and made everyone wear 1, Well Eric did for aboot 2 minutes. I thought they were fitting since it had been 4th of July weekend and it was Doro’s first time celebrating  independence day.  Anyone have any good memories of Eldrige park or the Old Pioneer? I love pictures too!

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