xmas in july?

Sitting around this morning playing on Facebook. A post from the christmas house saying that they were open today and you can get trolley tickets there. Why Not? So I went. Very quiet, no one else there which was nice for me. I always forget what a great shop that it. Check out their site: http://www.christmas-house.com/

I found the greatest thing, I wanna keep it up I think I will give it as a gift.    These are real gourds that are turned into a variety of things. check out this site: http://www.gourdshop.com/ This company is located in Carlisle, PA. you can order online or check them out at the christmas house. They also make bird houses and butterfly houses.

Then Logan and Doro picked me up and we headed to Seneca Lake. The Gillette’s rented a cottage this week. Cute place on the left side of the lake. Everyone got in the water, except me 😦  ok maybe next week I can go swimming! They floated around drinking beer, looked like a great time.                                                     

The water seemed cold to me, not sure If I would have gotten in if I could.  I know I am wimpy sometimes.

Getting hungry so Logan, Doro, and I decide to head towards food and home. We went to the Crooked Rooster Brewpub http://roosterfishbrewing.com/index.php  I got the Fire House Blonde, yumm!  and a 4 cheese garlic pizza      Another great Local restaurant to check out sometime. Located on N. Franklin St in Watkins Glen.

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