brews, burgers,& blues cruise

Planned all week to go to the brews, burgers, and blues cruise on Seneca Lake.  Had a few people back out, but it’s all good 7  (Me, Eric, Boner, Janet, Dan, Mike, and Aletha)  went.   Bill called Fat kid and backed out cause it was too hot and Weez just Succs! (yes with 2 c’s)

We drove to Seneca Lake got tickets at Captain Bills $32.95 (in case anyone is interested). I found a letterbox clue on the site for Watkins Glen. I wanted to check it out before we left on our cruise.  We found the spot but it looks like they got rid of the bushes where they might have had it hidden 😦    Kind of bummed again with letterboxing. I will keep looking though, it makes the ones I do find a little more special. Anyways to the real reason we went to Watkins:  The boat left at 7, for our 2 hour tour. Got a few drinks and headed up to the top ( I would recommend getting seats up there if its hot) listened to some good music, a local band, and checked out the view. Went back down stairs to our seats in the not so cold air conditioning (thanks dan) got some food, which was great. Burgers, pulled pork,

 did you notice the fork only has 3 tines?  (I just made that up, not really sure what it is really called)

mac salad, tossed salad, cookies, and beer specials . Went back up stairs and hung out till the end watching the sunset. 


   Everyone said they had a good time! Since Weez AKA disser backed out on us and proceeded to text me the entire time requesting that we go up to Cory’s cottage, we decided to go up. Well I did not drive there yesterday and for some reason I have been making up things I really do not know, not sure why I am doing it and I do know that I do it and keep doing it but I was leading us up to the cottage. I actually did well until I wanted Eric to drive down the train tracks, which he did not. Then I got us back on track, or maybe Eric did, drove some more across the VERY scary bridge that is falling apart. I took them down the wrong turn. Well we ended up making a 20 point Austin powers Turn (this would be an AWESOME place to put a video of Austin powers, but yet again I am so computer slow). The cars were scraping and we were laughing. Would of gotten out and taken pictures but my phone camera does not have a flash and my digital camera is being repaired. So we finally get to the Cottage to find Cory, Weez, and Chris hanging out building a fire.   The fire was so HOT, but it kept the bugs away. Crazy it was 2300 and it was still 86 degrees, LOVE IT!  Anyways everyone in the car but me has to work in the morning so we headed home. What a great evening, very fun and different.


Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Janet was a cripple, I am sure you noticed the picture, but she sprained her ankle the day before and has to use crutches. She is a trooper, still going on the cruise and tolerating us picking on her. We love you Janet!


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  1. Amanda Jennings

    Your stories are making me miss living up there!!!! So much fun you are having this summer!!!

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