drop and gimmie….

Team Trivia last night at the Holiday Inn. Our team (me, Weez, Doro, Logan, Janet, and Bill) I think picking a team name was the hardest part. We decided to be drop and gimmie (get it then our points) Ok I have the worse memory so I am going to try to test your skills with the questions they asked us.

1. what is the official name of the Earth’s moon?

2. What is the name of the first tropical storm of 2010?

3. What famous eccentric American was exhumed to determine DNA in a paternity lawsuit?

4. What 2 baseball teams will be the first to be televised in 3D July 10th?

5. What famous novel’s main character name in Anne Shirley?

6. What 19th century world leader’s hair sold for $13,000?

7. What pop icon recently announced that the internet was dead?

8. What vegetable comes in 3 forms: savoy, flat/smooth, or semi-savoy?

9. What actor makes 2 million an episode for his current sit-com?

10. What European country in the European Union is the largest in size?

11. Who wears a motley and coxcomb?

12. What river named after a states makes up the border between Indiana and Tennessee?

13. What baseball team owner and football team owner share the same birthday, July4th?

14.Name the 5 lowest ranking presidents according to Seinna Unveristy poll among presidential study students?

15. What  two 80’s pop stars will be battling each other in a Syfy movie called Mega Python vs Gatorid?

16. In addition to nitrogen and oxygen what element makes up the third largest component of the Earth’s atmosphere?

17. What 4 Kellogg cereals were recently recalled due to complaints of a waxy taste from packaging?

18. What 3 shows did Kelsey Grahmer appear in as Frasier Crane?

19. According to the 2009 poll conducted by the Amerian Pet Association what is the most popluar household pet? dogs, cat, canary, or fish

20. Brittany Spears recenlty launched a clothing line in which department store?

Our team was in second place the entire game. The last questions you could bet all your points, for some reason I talked my team into betting 55 points. Not sure why I am usually an all or nothing kinda girl. We got the right answer but did noy bet enough. Overall we came in 4th place.

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  1. Anne Beebe

    So how did your team do? These are hard questions…at least for me they are!

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