4th of July

Happy 4th everyone!

We went to my father-in-laws house for a party. It was so hot, Eric actually got in the pool! I was kind of bummed that I could not get in. Soon enough, soon enough! We ate some great food: hotdogs, corn on the cob, salt potatoes and of course Bud Light. Yum yum.

Then we took a ride up to Lowman. The boys were a little scared as they did not realize that Roberts Hollow Rd kept going, so we went along till a dirt road and turned left. Eric was even more scared at the point, “Why are we turning left? there is a huge hill.” Putting the Jeep in 4-low , we went for it. Upon arriving we meet my bother and he starts up his Buick. (that he bought for $200 on wed just for today) The boys get in, Weez was scared so he back out. Soon they took off down the hill, which has no roads: only trees, bushes, and dirt! The car died, lost the fuel pump and punctured a whole in the gas tank. The BuickThe car was towed back to the top of the hill. Then as the guys kept looking at the car, they thought they could fix it. So Gene hooked a chain around the Buick and attached it to his truck to tip it over so they could work on it.

redneck jack


So there was no fixing the car! Hung out for a while, drinking some more bud light! Then they started up Carl’s SUV, which had to be jumped started. He took the boys for a ride and Weez got in this time. I guess he giggled the whole ride. Once again I was unable to get  in the car, bummed again 😦

Hung out again for a while then Gene decided to drive Carl’s car. Not sure why Carl would let him. So 4 of them climb in and there they go down the hill. We wait a while and they come back up and go back down the hill. A few minutes later we don’t hear them any more. So a truck goes to find them and towed them back up the hill, the windshield is missing, the front tire is flat, and the guys are hurting! They are all grabbing at their shoulders and saying “how bad it was down there!” I ask Gene what the hell he was thinking and his response was “your husband told me to go again.” Yup, Eric was the one telling him to drive down a hill with no windshield, ugh I am so not a nurse today. My brother said “I have been coming here for 4 years and this is the worse ride I have ever been on.”   Carl's SUV Hanging out again and then they decided to hook up a camper to the back of a blazer and take that down the hill. Gene finds a helmet and jumps into the camper. Then there they go down the hill. What were they thinking? I took a video but I am computer stupid so not sure I can share that. Ethel was mad she didn’t get a ride so she chilled with Santa.

Santa and Ethel


It was time to head back to” normal” grounds. We went back to Eric’s dads house hung out a little then walked home ordered pudgies, almost killed a sheet pizza (yeah 3 of us) and went to bed. Not too shabby of 4th!

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  1. Amanda Jennings

    hahaha, I love this one!!! Very funny, we gotta start looking for a car and helmets for next year. I am sooo there with you!

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