Saturday’s craziness!

Not sure where to start!  woke up and had to go get my Jeep, thank you Janet  for the ride, and F-word to Weez for looking EVERYTHING in my Jeep friday night at the Holiday Inn. Eric also had to go get his car from Dunners, which by the way someone did a hit and run to it while we were there. PEOPLE SUCK sometimes! Anyways all and all Friday was a crazy night.

Finally getting our act together we decided on a bunch of things to do and see what we could get accomplished in 1 day. Eric, Weez, Janet and myself  got in the car about 2:30 and headed to the Downtown street painting Festival. I also wanted to check it out so we did. I was kind of disappointed by the turn out since it was the first year since it started that it did not rain. here are a few pictures I got while we did a quick walk-through.

         Our next stop was McGee street for the Italian American festival. We got there around 3:30, I think they were still setting up so we moved on to our next adventure. ” To Ithaca Jeeves!” we head to Ithaca and stop in Newfield on the way to check out the covered bridge. This bridge was built in 1853 and cost a total of $800 to contruct. The clues to the letterbox were pretty easy. The stamp was great!


“Weez get in the picture! If you are going to hang out with me you HAVE to play by my rules!”

We continue our trip to Ithaca and decided to stop at Robert H Treman State Park We park at the lower lot and start our hike to the top. It is a 2 miles trail 1 way. There is a letterbox there too, but we realized that we should of parked in the upper lot. Too late to turn around we kept going. Poor Weez was grabbing his heart before the  mile mark.   We wanted to walk to Lucifer Falls which ended up being 1.75 miles from the bottom. We made it and it was amazing. Weez was 1 with nature.


We headed back to the car, super sweaty and hungry. “My tank is on empty, running on fumes.” We continue into Ithaca, to the Commons. We went to Benchwarmers for some food and beer.         Shock Top, yum yum!  The glass was meant for Weez. He is the king of cabs. He hates to walk anywhere. We said we were going to order alot of food. We really didn’t but “plowed” through our appetizers, per the waitress.  So our bill came to $71. Eric thought it was so expensive because of all the “booze” we drank. Ha ha, Who says booze? Old men do!

Janet and I wanted to find Ithaca is Gorges tshirts and patchouli, but all the sotres were closed at this time. We nejoyed that local stautes in the Commons.

     I MADE Weez like this cause it is my way when you hang out with me 🙂  I sat with the statue for a bit. Getting back into the car we decided since we were in Ithaca we were close to Cortland so we would go get Little Caesars. On the way to Cortland Eric decided to tell us about his dream last night. He dreamed about Boner, his brother. Boner was collecting bees and holding them down so he could shot-gun ciggarette smoke into them, weird! I decided to look up more letterboxes on the drive.  For Cortland they were all located in a Cemetary or on Gracie St. I kep asking Eric stupid questions, I think he was getting irriatted. We found Shipwreck putt-putt on the way into SOUTH Cortland (ha ha, “where is South Cortand” being 1 of the stupid Q’s I asked) The course was great, all pirate themed.  Argh, my matey! The course is really fun. There are 3 holes with spinny wheel things that have you play that hole different. Like stand on 1 foot, play hole in 10 seconds.

  Janet and Weez got a swing with 1 arm. Weez and Eric got hit the ball with the wrong end of the club. I got have an opponent stand as an obsticle while you putt. Well of course being the ass that I am , I pick Eric and I wail the ball at him, I am such a good wife 🙂

            Janet actually got a hole in one with one arm and one leg shot, too bad it was just camera do over! Eric won and that is all I am going to say aboot that!

Pizza, Pizza! We get ther at about 10pm. Take some pictures with our phones to send to Nick, he loves the stuff but had to work. We go in to order and they only have 2 orders of crazy bread. 

 how long it would take to make an order?

8 minutes said the lady at the front counter.

Ok, sweet give me 10 orders.

Really 10 orders?

Yup, 10 orders.


I see a little Caeasrs bouncey ball machine, which I thought gave out gumball, not so much, bouncy balls. Yeah ask Eric or Weez I was going to try and eat the bouncy ball. We played that for a few minutes winning a few balls. The lady in the back tells the one at the counter that it is going to be 30 minutes. She was pissed that she had to make them. HELLO, it is your job, plus you dont even close for 2 hours. We go outside and play with our new bouncy balls. A couple of people walk in and order some food and start to play the bouncy ball game too. I think Eric is jealous because he goes back in and plays more, needless to say we have a ton of bouncy balls now. I tell Eric that the other guy did good and Eric said, ” I got him beat”. Ha ha dork! The lady comes up with orders and is throwing them onto the counter, she is pissed and her face shows it. Janet and I are sitting in the car laughing.  Our 10 orders smelled the entire car up, I think like Corn on the cob, everyone else thinks I am nuts.



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  1. galaxegrl

    Crazy fun! Don’t forget the speakeasy.

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