Crashing a Company picnic

Kennedy Valve had the union picnic on Saturday.  Weez told everyone that I was his girlfriend so I could go with him. Just before we left Eric wanted to go too. Mase did not have a date so Eric was his life partner with his promise ring.

We get to the picnic and everyone gets nervous, we didnt wanna get in trouble. Mase decides to walk up in there and Eric is following. Eric, “hey wait up sweetie” to Dave. We get into the picnic area and no one really cared that we were there. Drank so beer and ate some food.

   Played some horseshoes, which I SUCK big time at. We decided to go to 3, yup 3. Cory and Mase beat Eric and I.

On to the St. Mary’s festival. I made a cake with Ethel’s on top, too cute!   We hung out there for awhile and Eric won $50 on the  pull tabs. Got 2 Chicken dinners, which were GREAT!!! I thought I needed a cake to go home with so I bought a quarter for every number ($7) and went home with a chocolate cake, vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles.

  We sat on the porch watching the storm come in, then off to bed!

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