Kayaks, and nemo, and food, Oh my!

I took Mike and Nick (Mike’s nephew) Kayaking today. Neither had ever been. We did Fitchs bridge to Walnut street Bridge. Took about 1 hour and 20 minutes, we coasted along. Every time I do this part of the river I want to lean more about this bridge, or should I say use to be bridge.    Everyone keeps telling me it isa bridge to  Roricks Glen.

http://www.shs58.org/pic_of_the_month_aug2009.html  Thank you Sue for finding this old picture! I still can not really find a history about Roricks Glen. I know at 1 point it was a boyscout camp, but it must have been something before that. Any ideas, I am so open to local history. 

 Then we came along to the yellow metal things, which I always remember looking at as a kid when we crossed the Walmnut Street Bridge, wondering what they were?!?!  Piers protecting water inlets for elmira water board, I guess I am still a little confused on this one too.


Just missed the “storm” which ended up being a very small rain shower with dark clouds. I dropped Mike and Nick off and took a quick nap 🙂 Life is good!

Went to North Chemung to see my mom. Put on my now fitting bathing suit and got in the pool, 86 degrees. Had to take Nemo in for his first swim. 

My mom and I hung out in the pool awhile and finally decided to go get some dinner, how Donnie puts up with us- I don’t know! Fox’s Pizza for dinner in Erin. The took my into the middle of nowhere!       Ordered “some” food.   Okay ALOT of food: Ham and cheese Wedgie, ham and cheese Hoagie, Chicken wing hoagie, fried corn bites, boneless wings, baked cheetos, and soda.   Went back to North Chemung, would you believe we had left-overs? Sat on the back porch awhile waiting to see the mama and baby dear, he was so cute.  Also admiring my mom’s tree. It’s kinda one of those things you gotta wait for it to be dark to appreicate it, looks kind of silly during the day. SHH… don’t tell her that!

 Oh and 1 of the reasons I went to my mom’s tonight was to pick up some dessert, I know I don’t need it but…. My aunt made me graham cracker crust, bananas, pineapple, with whipped topped, it is the best!!!!    



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2 responses to “Kayaks, and nemo, and food, Oh my!

  1. galaxe_grl

    Did you show them how to adjust the foot rest? Poor Mike got stuck in the shorty’s kayak, if not. I was wondering if you guys got caught in the storm, glad it missed you, we had a h— of a downpour at the hospital. Kept worrying that you got caught. Glad you guys missed it and had fun.

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