Drop & gimmie…. 0

Back at team trivia this week at the Holiday Inn. Our team this week: Me, doro, Logan, Bill, Anne , and Burt. Well our team was doing pretty well until I kept talking Logan out of the right answers he was providing. Opps! So if anyone wants to test your trivia skills have at it:

1. What canine term is used to refer to drug smugglers?

2. What super group from Stockholm was honored in 2008?

3. What popular gaming system controller has resulted in broken TVs?

4. What CEO receives 4 MILLION emails a day?

5. what is the number on Herbie the love bug?

6. What gymnast was the first to get a perfect 10 in the olympics?

7. The stapes in the smallest bone in the human body, where is it located?

8. Tom Hanks received an Oscar in 1993 and 1994 for which 2 movies?

9. The song sitting on the dock of the bay is talking about which body of water?

10. Baskin Robbins recently retired 5 flavors including caramel praline cheesecake, Campfire S’mores, Apple pie  a la Mode,  Superfudge Truffle, and what other flavor that was introduced in 1945?

11. What big 10 university was sued by ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews for invasion of privacy?

12. This year Law and Order has a new spin-off, what is it called?

13. The first storm of the season was Alex, what is the name of the second storm of the season?

14. What TV network was originally called Tiffany network?

15. This carin terrier, who’s real name was Terry played in a movie and made $125 each week. What was the name of this dog in the movie?

16. Who was the last president born in the 19th century?

17. What popular Kraft food is popular for Thanksgiving dinner?

18. What American casino has the largest floor space in the world?

19. What famous movie villain prefers fava beans?

20. Mother’s day 2000 there was a meaningful gun control law protest, what was this protest called?

21.What singer has a top hit ever decade since 1965, with her first hit being a Bob Dylan cover song?


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2 responses to “Drop & gimmie…. 0

  1. galaxe_grl

    3. Wii
    5. 53 love me some Herbie
    6. Mary Lou
    7. inner ear
    8. Forest Gump & Sleepless???
    9. Alantic
    13. Bonnie
    14. Lifetime
    15. Benji
    17. stove top
    18. Belliago
    19. Dr Evil

    And not even any guesses on the remainder, did I get any. Sounds like you guys had fun, wish I could have went. Work next week too :o( I love Trivia

  2. I knew you would read this!
    4.Bill Gates
    5. 53
    6. Nadia Comaneci
    7. Inner ear
    8. Forest Gump and Philadelphia
    9. San Francisco
    10. French Vanilla
    12. Las Angeles
    13. Bonnie
    14. CBS
    15. Toto
    17.Stoved top stuffing
    18. Foxwoods in Conn
    19. Hannibal Lecter
    20. Million mom march
    21. Cher

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