Cheap date night

I suggested cheap date night.

I loaded up the Jeep with a few things.  Headed to Corning. We stopped st Southside sub shop and I had my other half of turkey sub from Wegmans from lunch. We went to Dennison Park. I drove around the park cause I had no idea where I was. Found a place to park. This park offers alot to do.  Sand Volleyball, tennis, basketball, baseball, disc golf, horseshoes, and picnic areas. We found a little “island” where there was still sun. Put down a blanket and ate some dinner. Not sure Eric really liked this idea, he hates bugs! One of the reasons I chose this park is because I thought there was a letterbox there. We read the directions and happened to pick the spot near the placement on the letterbox. I looked around for a while. I am also compass stupid (so don’t get lost with me). Eric asked when the last time this box was found, I reread the paper and in red it said box missing. BOO! Oh well had a nice dinner in the park.


 Went to South Corning and played putt-putt. Eric paid $6 each. I sucked, like I have been all “season”. We finished with Eric with a 48 and I got a 49. Eric was being really sweet and effed up his last hole to make my score seem better. Ahhh, he is too cute 🙂


I was still disappointed by the lack of the letterbox at Dennison park so I took Eric to the Corning museum of glass. Found the spot where the letterbox was supposed to be and guess what? It is missing 😦 Boo, again!

Home from date night and spent less than $20, which is really hard for us! 9:30, time for Yahtzee! We played 2 games me: 340 & 366    Eric: 209 & 231  Yup, I won both games and had 3 yahtzees.

       When we play and get a Yahtzee you have to scream out Yahtzee when you get one, it’s really funny!

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  1. galaxe_grl

    You two are too cute. Have to say you get a big AWWH for the last hole. 🙂

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