Could of been a cheap date night again

Long day of letterboxing with Janet and Jade led to a nap in the early evening. Eric and his dad started construction on the master bathroom upstairs.  They finished up and Eric and I headed to the Pioneer game. We pulled up the game and it was so crowded. Actually drove around for a place to park.  There was a record attendance last night: 2870 Wow, a great turn out. It was Corning Inc. night and they had a band in the park afterwards or maybe it was because the Pioneers are actually in first place for their league! Anyways we were still able to get box seats, for $6 so worth it! We are enjoying the game and the Pioneers are winning. Eric and I can always entertain ourselves   Ha, ha sorry inside joke!

 Some guy and his wife/girlfriend come up and ask where box 38 was. (this where we are sitting) We tell them right here. They say to us, “don’t worry we are not staying, we are with the band and you can sit here. Well unless we want to sit then you gotta move.” So Eric tries to explain that these are our seats #7 and #8 in box 38. That they do not own the whole box. I think this guy thought he was trying to be supper cool and impress his lady friend with the whole box?!?! So if you were to buy the entire box for a game it would cost a total of $48. Holly crap, that would be impressive, NOT! The rest of the game this man stands at the side fence watching. I think he thought he was really cool at this point because he was closer to the players. Yeah maybe if where the Yankees that would have been cool, DOUCHEBAG!   Has anyone even heard of this band, Collin Marcus Band?

Anyways back tot the game, Pioneers continue to win and Vinnie is “MC” ing the game, don’t ask another inside joke. he he  I leanred about Uncaught thrid strike rule thanks to Logan and then a clarifiction by Mike. It happened 3 times during this game.

Pios win! Pioneers 6, Hornell 1. Next game tonight (wed) then they head to the play offs, which start Friday in Elmira! So we are leaving the stadium and I had been talking about Stitches all night so Eric “made” me get my picture taken with him. I am a dork 🙂

After the game we went to Bernie Murrays so some take-out. Had a drink ordered some food, hot chicken wings and French fries. Got home devoured the food, the FF were great! We watched Covert Affairs. Then off to bed. So the night started out cheap and with $4 beers it added up quickly!


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2 responses to “Could of been a cheap date night again

  1. Amanda Jennings

    Snitches get Stitches. ;o)
    Looks fun! Wish I was there!

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