Drop and Gimmie…. ZERO!

Team Trivia at the holiday Inn. Our team this week: Me, Eric, Peggy, Doro, Logan, Bill, Burt, and Anne. Mike and  Carol (for a few questions) We had 255 points and bet them all. Our motto “All or nothing” yeah, so we got the last questions wrong.

1. What relation (family) is Andy Griffith to Barney Fife?

2. What State in the United States (50 states) in the Eastern most state?

3.What Asain nation can build a laptop that cost $35?

4. Lake Ladoga is the largest fresh water lake on which continent?

5. What famous dog was born and raised on Daisy Hill puppy farm and the kids attended Burchwood elementary school?

6. What 19th century president had to sell his memoirs to a magazine for money?

7. President Obama will be appearing on a talk show today (July 29, 2010), which talk show is it?

8. Toyota makes to models of an SVU, which model will end production this year?

9. In the movie Forrest Gump, what 3 presidents did Forrest meet?

10. What French Farmer Co-op invented the fist disposable yogurt contain in 1956?

11. Which bear grows larger, Polar bear or Grizzly bear?

12. A coffin polisher from Scotland competed in Mr. Universe in 1953, who is it?

13. The Tea party is making political headway. What does the TEA stand for?

14. How many colored coats does the American Kennel Club identify for Labrador?

15. What is the oldest active NHL franchise?  (No one got this question right so we got another question)

15. Name the first and last country listed for the United Nations.

16. Spencer for Hire was based in what city?

17. What men’s lifestyle magazine was banned from Walmart in 2003?

18. What actor was enrolled in seminary school at the age of 14, then later became involved in Scientology?

19. What Beatles song made number 1 on the Billboards in Feb 1964? Love me do, I wanna hold your hand, let it be, or hey jude?

20. The London Daily Mirror listed the top 3 likely culprits to ruin a women’s diet?

21.The third and final verse of Amazing Grace  was practically taken word for word from what 19th century classic novel?


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  1. Answers:
    1. cousins
    2. Maine
    7.The View
    9.Nixon, JFK, LBJ
    11. Polar
    12.Sean Connery
    13.Taxed Enough Already
    14. 3 (chocolate, black, yellow)
    15.Afganistan, Zimbabwe
    18.Tom Cruise
    19.I wanna hold your hand
    20. chocolate, chips, wine
    21.Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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