Healthy living

I came to the realization a long time ago that I would never be skinny!  I would how ever like to be healthy. As a nurse it is very easy to preach to patients about a healthy lifestyle but hard to also follow your own advice. Working 12 hour night shifts is an easy excuse for me to use but should not be the case. Last September I actually figured out a happy medium between healthy living and a crazy work schedule. It lasted until the end of April.  For some reason I tend to do well for a while and then tank for a longer while. This week I have started my journey again on the healthy lifestyle adventure. I just wanted to share a few things that help me.

WATER and less beer (trust me this sucks for me)

Exercise! Mixing up workouts. There are so many options and they can actually be fun.       New York Sport and Fitness. They offer a variety of classes and are very helpful.

Music, load up your ipod. When I hear great music it is very motivating

New workout clothes. Why not get a cute new outfit

New sneakers

Brush your teeth frequently (who likes to eat after brushing their teeth)

Mixing up foods, color is good  

Moderation, moderation, moderation. It is okay to eat unhealhty foods in moderation.

I heart my ipod and nike +, it keeps track of my miles

Sign up for a race: 5K, 10K, half marathon, or a full marathon.   Start a training schedule, it HELPS!

Anyone have any suggestions?

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