Hungover :(

funny my last post was about healthy  living and today I wanna talk about being hungover. First of all I don’t condone drinking so much you are sick in the morning.  And everyone always says, “Never again.” I don’t lie to myself, cause it will happen again, so is life!

My tricks to help a hangover:

– wake up telling yourself that you feel great and repeat it to yourself all day long

– clean up the mess, get it over with

– McDonald’s double cheeseburger only ketchup (if you ever worked there you know how gross their those nasty onions are. Making them by adding water, YUCK!)

– McDonald’s large Hi-C orange drink

– Sitting in the shower and letting the water beat down on your head

I have heard that people wake up and start drinking again or having a bloodymary. Personally don’t think I could do that.

Anyone have a great drunken stories, the worst hangover , or hangover cures?

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