Elmira Trolley

I picked up the kids: Marissa and Jake and we went to the Downtown Holiday Inn. The trolley cost $2 per person. We were the only 3 on the trolley tour. I told the kids that they had to learn something new and tell me at lunch what they learned. It was kind of hard to hear on the trolley for Jake but we did get off the trolley at Elmira College to see the Mark Twain study. The tour was just less than an hour and toured downtown Elmira. We got in the car and the kids were actually able to tell me a bunch of things that they learned on the tour. they said they had fun?!?!

    Jake: Mark Twain had 3 daughters, The college president use to stand at the top of the college to look at the girls, and when a girl and her boyfriend walked around the “puddle” (at Elmira College) the boyfriend would ask her to marry him by the 3rd lap around, if he did not ask she would push him into the pond.

Marissa: The study was built in 1874 and moved to Elmira College in 1952. The Trolley parts were almost 100 years old, the original was built in 1913. Mark Twain had a son who died at 18 months.

Jennifer: Samuel Clemens quit school in 5th grade. He got married in Elmira, Langdon Mansion. (now Langdon Plaza) There was a bar behind the first Chemung Canal bank that he use to hang out at.

We decided on lunch at friendly’s. I called papa and we picked him up and we all went to lunch. The kids were starting to get wild, papa was irratated, which I think instigated them more. We all had  icecream, yum! Dropped papa off and then went to Barnes and Nobles. I let the kids pick out a book and get journals for letterboxing. They also picked out a book for baby Abby when she arrives. Started to rain and we went to Michael’s to get stamps and ink for our letterboxing.

I tried to explain letterboxing and took them to Sperr park to find their first box. Went well and they wanted to go do more. We met Janet and Jade in Caton at a park to find some more. (see letterboxing page) Played on the playground for a few minutes and I took the kids home, they were very good!


Colleen picked me up, we did 5 miles on our rollerblades at Eldridge and called it a day.

Now Frozen garlic pizza and chillin with Eric 🙂


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  1. galaxe_grl

    Ah we both look so very graceful 🙂

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