Road trip to Pittsburgh

August 6th 2010:

Road trip to Pittsburgh for Mayhem Tour 2010 (see concert page)

Eric driving, me in shotty, Weez and Pierson in the back. So we had almost a 5 hour car ride. I decided we need to play some road games.

fuck, chuck, or marry: Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy?(from the golden girls)

Tim Allen, Bill Cosby, and  Al Borlan?          Judy Jetson, Lois Griffin, or Wilma Flinstone?

So I guess Pierson did not know how to play the game. I asked the golden girls question and his answer was Blanche.

Talking with Pierson was like talking to a rock, he was not giving back. “Who did you go to the show with?” “What show” “Green Day” “yeah”

Then we stopped at the Pilot store for some drink and bathroom break. This place was crazy busy and over the loud-speaker “Shower customer  #79 is ready!” It was really loud and we all thought it was funny. Probably had to be there!

Eric and I heard Weez say to Pierson, “Turn it sideways it gets bigger” We both turn around like what?!?!?! Pierson was using Weez’s ipod.

Weez told us that 1 of the singers looks like a trucker and has a high voice. I thought he was saying that all truck drivers had high voices. “Breaker, Breaker 1 ..9…, We got a bear in the cage”

New game: the repeater (we really sucked at this game)

Robert, monkey, douchebag, pizza, vagina, shit, bag, poop, hello, cock, chopper, blocker, bye

About 30 minutes from the hotel Weez had to pee “I got a bladder the size of a jellybean”. We made him wait we were so close. We get to the hotel and I started fucking with him. Weez you gotta pee, look water, holding his car door shut and trapping him from getting into the room. I checked us in. The second room was under Weiskopf. Weez said do you know how to spell that? I replied yeah, douchebag!

Weez took off his hat. His hair was sweet! “How’s it look god dammit”   

I made a bet with Weez that every time he showed me his belly he had to pay me $1 for Friday night he owed me $1.50. I should have made the same deal with Pierson cause he would have owed me about $10 by the end of the weekend.

On the way to the show we saw a place called EZ Pickins- home of the Gusburger- we found this funny and David did too about 30 minutes later.

Mayhem Pittsburgh 2010:    

We got to the concert early for a little tailgating. Ladder ball  after a few switching of partners Frank and David end up being the winners!  

   ha ha our $6 grill for hotdogs. Our Kool Kid Koozes  and yes they do keep your beer colder longer. Boo, we were wrong and Dorcy was right. We also had some cheese, pepperoni, crackers, chips, apples, and pretzels. What a weird combo especially when Amanda started mixing them together

 We headed for the gate around 2. We saw a guy that looked just like Logan. Well maybe he ate Logan.    Got into the show (see concert page)

Skip ahead aboot 12 hours:

Amanda passes out in Franks car, enough said!

Weez tells us how he is so good at ordering pizza and kept effing it up so I ordered it. They told us 40 minutes, well not so much. About 1.5 hours later he shows up. At this point no one wanted pizza just bed. We all ended up in our room (eric and me) and ate pizza till Frank smacked Pierson and Weez said I would kill someone if they did that to me and pierson replied with “yeah you sure showed that guy at the show that punched you in the face.” Weez was drunk and pissed, he got up and said “you are not coming in my room,I am going to dead bolt that shit and if there is not dead bolt, I will make one and barracks the door” Well luckily for me Weez did not lock them out. We got stuck with Frank the tank, yeah tank, that fucker can snore!

up and at em’ , around 11  ha ha we suck and are lazy. Got in the car and headed home. Not sure if it was a good thing for Eric, I am sure it was, but we all fell asleep.

Anyone have any good road games to share?

How about any tailgating stories or easy food to make?


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2 responses to “Road trip to Pittsburgh

  1. David Lemoncelli

    You forgot……”Is that order for Mitchel?” Do i look like the effing pizza guy!! Weez and I are cracking up! Guys ego deflated says “Keep giggling it up!” Had great time! Nice blog.

  2. Ha ha I can’t believe I forgot about that!

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