Back to reality :(

So most of you know I was off of work for 6 weeks. Before I went off I thought I would hate not working. I have always worked alot so I thought I would be bored. Well not so much! I enojyed every minute of it. Kept so busy. So last night was my first night back. I floated to rehab from 7-11p. Can I just say how I love having them back downstairs with us. Everyone was very helpful over there. Then back to my unit from 11-7. Actually not a bad first night. Slept crappy today, which I am very excited about because I do not go back till Friday night. So maybe I can be “normal” for a few more days. It was so nice to sleep at night, and let me tell you I slept alot while I was off of work 🙂

Woke up very sore today. Wow, my back and shoulders are killing me. Being a nurse is not easy on the body. I did minimal lifting last night too, trying not to over do it.

So back to reality this week! Oh but don’t you worry I got a few things plan coming up in the next few months to keep me entertained and doing crazy things.

P.S. It was great seeing everyone at work last night, I guess I really did miss you all 😉

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