Hanging with my hubby

Tuesday night (August 10) Eric and I were sitting on the couch falling asleep at 5pm. I told him I wanted to do something so I could sleep later. We left the house around 6 and went to staples. Looking for computer chairs for the poker table. We sat in a bunch and of course we liked the $150 chair, did not buy 1 yet. We placed a bet on a chair cause there was no price on them, we both lost big time!

  Went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond next, Pillow shopping, tried a few pillows and we did not get one. Eric tried to get me to stick my head in the bag, so I got him to do it instead. 

 Next to Sam’s, back to look for chairs, forget our membership card so a no go at Sam’s.

 Next to Dick’s for golf balls and Jets jersey. Eric said, “look my brand”. Has anyone seen that stupid comercial for 1-800-contacts?  Eric got his golf balls!

Went to the mall to contiue our search for Jets jersey and rocks. Yup rocks, we want to find larger river rocks for the “landscaping” in our yard. We went to a bunch of stores, just walking around. We walked by Pac Sun, which is where 1 of Eric’s ex-coworkers got a job. “He is going to find some hot tail”, says me. Ha ha I couldnt stop laughing. We left with 5 Bath and Body Works hand soaps (Sale)  http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/home/index.jsp 

Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings http://www.buffalowildwings.com/ Wing Tuesdays $0.45 wings (blue cheese, ranch, or celery is extra) There are 14 different wing sauces. We got 6 hot and 6 spicy garlic and a basket of fries. Budlight and Hefeweizen. We sat outside and enjoyed the TV’s and each others company. The service kind of sucked and the wings were ok. I would rather have Bernie Murray wings! The service is better too 🙂


Next to Fairshake! Eric of course got soft vanilla in a cup and I got Annette’s fluffernutter sundae. I found the letterbox that was placed by Janet and Jade.

Home by 9:30, in bed watching TV with the air on!

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  1. your posts are like a reality show for me 🙂

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