J.E.T.S jets, jets, jets!

The Jets have their training camp in Cortland. Eric has been talking about it summer. http://www2.cortland.edu/information/jets/

 Well I actually wanted to go too. We decided to go this afternoon when he got out of work since I am working this weekend. We thought it started at 4:15 and ran till about 7. Headed to Cortland and got lost x2. On the way to Cortland Eric and I were being silly. I told him Buttermilk falls is probably dried up. He thought I said my balls were dried up. Then Eric asked if they put fences around cemeteries because of that old joke. I asked, “what old joke”. He said, “People are dying to get in here.” We get to Ithaca and Eric decided to tell me that all people in Ithaca are gay, hippies, or weirdos. Then I saw a car with a Utah plate and I decided to tell him all people from Utah are Mormons. If you got offered by this go eff yourself and get a sense of humor!Arrived at Cortland University about 5:40ish. Well no Jets. The training already ended. Eric was really bummed and started to get a little grumpy.

Me being obsessed with letterboxing, which I already had some directions printed out, thought we could do that instead. We went to little Caesars, of course!  Got a large cheese pizza ($5) and 2 orders of crazy bread for a total of about $9. I so wish we had a little Caesars closer, or do I? We drove to look for a park to eat in, passes a cometary that I want to letterbox in and kept driving away from home. Found a pull off on 392, which was a fishing access. I thought it would be nice so I talked Eric into walking down the trail to the river. We ate dinner down by the river (picture Chris Farley’s voice, so much funnier)  Well not so nice.

I put down the blanket I brought and we sat and ate 1 piece of pizza.      We got bite ALOT , it was kind of creepy and was not the best idea I had in a while. We walked back up to the car and finished dinner in the car.

We headed towards home.  I asked Eric if we were lost. His reply, “No not lost, look we are the blue thing on this map by West Creek”.  We were kind of lost but he did figure it out.  I looked for a new letterbox to find on the way home I typed in Dryden and actually found 3 pages of clues.

I found 2 cemetary clues and wrote them down in case we came across either. Well we did but some how I mixed up the cemetery with the clues and was very frustrated cause we could not find the boxes, which the clues were kind of right for both cemetery. I figured out my mistake, Eric shakes his head and we proceed to find the correct box (see letterboxing page)

  not sure what to say aboot this!

Heading home and went to Wal-Mart, yup still in search of computer chairs. Poker night at our house Saturday night if anyone is interested. We probably won’t start again till its colder out though. Finally home about 9:15, Budlight time! I decided to put a model together. A Kogg Vessel, which I bought at Michael’s’ for $5 and it is meant for 6 and older. Well I started at 9:30 and by 9:52 this is all I had together and was stressed. Eric took over around 10. It is now 10:23 and we lost interest in the model and are watching Psych. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f36AgrnorVo


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  1. Amanda Jennings

    hahahaha I know what to say aboot that…. Good times. :o)

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