Sleep is SO over rated!

For the last 6 weeks I actually slept like a “normal” person. You know, like about 8 hours and at night. Well back to work this week. I work 7p-7a. This work schedule is so hard to get use to.  I have been doing it for years, like 6 to be exact! I still do not sleep normal. When I work I sleep very little and on my days off I sleep too much. When I take benadryl I feel drowsy ALL day. Melatonin or Valerine root somtimes works.

I should be sleeping right now. Yup went to bed at 8am, woke up at 9:30 bathroom break, and again at 11:30 yet another bathroom break and I am still awake.

Eric got up early to head up to Cortland to see the Jets, which he did and got a few autographs. Now he is sleeping on the couch, WTF. Why can’t that be me?

So I am working on a cheap model biplane. The Kogg Vessel did not go so well for me so I was determined to do atleast 1, as simple as it may I had to finish 1.

Yup Biplane done in about 40 minutes, took a little longer than it should of but it is kind of cheap and I had to glue some pieces together.

             End product!    

Anyone have any good ideas to promote sleep?

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