We have a Dodge Dokota R/T. Eric bought it when he lived in Virgina. I LOVE this truck. My Jeep needed some fixin so I drove the Dokota around today. Cruisin with my ipod on shuffle. This truck has balls, with a 5.9  v8 with 250 horsepower. Ha ha so cheesy, I love it! I drove the back way to Sayre enjoying the scenery and my drive.

Found 2 letterboxes (see letterbox page) and went to the famers market by the hospital, yum Corn on the cob and peaches!      Then met my mom, donnie, and bam (my grandma) for lunch. We went to     Tomasso’s but they were closed for a party. Then we headed to Beeman’s, Salad bar! Heading towards home, got gas in Willawana. So I pull up behind a car at a pump but there was no one there. She comes out about 2 minutes later and then swipes her card and pumps her gas. She cleanes her windows while pumping. Then gets into her Jeep and most likely puts her stuff in her purse. Ok, here is my issue. Who parks at a pump to go into the store and not even pay in there, WTF! It is 5pm on a Friday at a very busy gas station off of the highway, ugh! 

  I decided to go to the Newtown Battlle Field, Sullivan’s monument. Drive up there and check out the views and the monument.    The letterboxes are more than a 2 mile hike, well I was wearing flip-flops and was alone. I decided to go home.           I got home and found more veggies on the porch. Thank you grandparent Tiptons! Ok now I am playing with my food:->          Janet picked me up and we went to Simon’s. I Heart that place. Fliet, soup, salad, veggies, and bud light, yum yum! Watching some DVRed shows and hopefully sleeping all night long!

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