8/21 adventure

Some crazy bitch called me Saturday morning at 0200, scraed the crap outta me (Bam is not well) she did not leave a message and the number was not familar. So needless to say I spent alot of money on barnes and noble.com and I was awake until about 0530, so I slept all morning, GRRRR!

We got around and headed to the mall. (me, Eric, and Weez) We had to go to Best Buy, Michael’s and to the mall. Not too exciting, nothing stands out expect when the boys found these sweet     shirts. We headed to the Jazzfest in Winsor Park. I knew there would be older people but everyone was old and sitting down. There was a bunch of bands playing all day. Food and drinks from Bernies Murrays, the poppcorn truck and a perioge stand.   I really heart perogies 🙂

There was a small table for kids: face painting and sidewalk chalk. Janet drew a piccolo, per Weez’s request, and a butterfly.  Adult content about to happen:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8r0sfpEfYc  Louis CK on Cunt’s.

Ok get your minds outta the gutters now, I hope you watched that video cause it is super funny. So we listened to music awhile drank a few more beers and played with more sidewalk chalk.

 How sweet does Weez look with his matching outfit?              I wanted a poster of Mark Twain holding a beer, Robby is awesome and gave 1 singed by the artist. Cant wait to frame it and hang it at my bar.

  Let’s jump ahead a few hours to the Fieldhouse, had 1 drink then went home for some poker. We have not played in months  a VERY long time. Eric, Boner, Weez, Me, Dainelle, and Newcomer played, $10 buy in. Boner and I ended up splitting the pot. Sweet an extra $20 for me 🙂

Back to the fieldhouse. The boys decided to wear some hats out.    

Here is a quick condensed version of the rest of the night: Cory and I got into a fight and I broke my camera, a lady with shorts and white stockings told me I looked hot, Dave prented to be David Draiman (the singer of Disturbed- this always cracks me up!), the girls danced by feeding the chickens, and Shannon and I had a moment.

Leaving Fielhouse, Weez ordered a pizza from Pudgies but they were at our house before we were. The guy was pissed! Ate part of a sheet piece and put the Weez protector down for the night.    He was so mad at Eric, that shit was funny.

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