This is for you Weez

Weez wanted to me post something cause he said it is fun to read so here you go buddy:       

Saturday night we met the boys out at the Starlight room. They were drinking martinis. Poor Angie driving them around. Next to Harry’s and O.D. Mars. drinking our 22 oz budlights and watching some old stripper lady all coked out dancing. Then we went to Dunners, played some darts. To Vitos for 1 hanging with Grumpy a minute. Fieldhouse and we didnt even make it inside and then Homestead till last call. Home to drink some beer and eat pizza. Bill and Shannon were parteners and Weez and Eric for cards. I suck so I just drank. Weez passed out so I had to take his spot and we lost.

Weez’s chin was a greasy   from the regular breadsticks and I decided to clean him up. He did not move so Shannon and I decided to sharpie him. Shannon drew a penis, well kind of.  I decided to make a unibrow and write I heart boys on his forehead  and then Shannon found a cigar and put it in his belly button  and I wrote fagget on his belly under his man sweater. Shannon made eyes above his belly button and a tongue hanging out of it. She also wrote I heart Ron, Holla!

The End!

and we made him a pirate 

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