October 15, 2010:

Tickets to Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang Tour 2010

We bought these tickets forever ago, like pre sale. Amanda told me about it so of course I thought of Julie when I heard it was Chelsea Handler. Eric, Julie and I left for Baltimore around 12:30 on Friday. Julie came out to the car in a hot pink sweatsuit, Eric was dying. He then tried the jacket on later. The car ride was entertaining, Jules and I got to catch up. We got to Baltimore around 5:15 ish. Amanda was to dinner with Dave and Dan so we went to the corner bar to wait for them. Budlight  Tempo Lounge. It was a big bar with a lot of old drunks. Some man with a pencil thin mustache was talking cursive to us?!?!! We met at Amanda’s house had another drink and went to 1rst Mariner arena.

 We get to the Arena and split up. Dan had to get a ticket. Amanda and Dave were in section 209 and Eric, julie, and I were Floor Row U, aisle seats 🙂 We each grabbed 2 drinks, took our picture with “Chelsea”   and bought T-shirts. We found our seats    

Heather McDonald opened up for Chelsea, I think she might of been funnier. I found a clip that she did at the Friday show :

   No intermission 😦  Chelsea started with a video clip of herself : I “borrowed” this from youtube. The one I took is still stuck on my memory card cause I am computer special and have no idea how to upload a video.    Not sure if anyone has seen her show on E! but it very funny, her books are even better, yup Laugh out loud reading.    After the show we met up outside  (this camera can be ghetto) yup, not much better. We walked up the street to look for Amanda & Eric’s Irish bar. Julie and I got seperated cause we were looking for a bathroom, found a fancy hotel.      back outside and we found the bar. So Eric, Julie, & I had not had dinner yet so we got a table. For some reason I let Amanda talk me into a carbomb first.   finally to the table and ordered some french fries.  Hung out there awhile.         Back to the car  to Fell’s point.      Everyone is always trying to steal my Eric!        motor boat!   Got in a cab, way too many of us in 1 cab! Paid about $80?!?!

Back to Amanda’s and for some reason Amanda was wrestling with Dan, who is much larger than her so I jumped in. Ok bruises all over! Dan and I sat out and Amanda and Dave started to wrestle. Julie fell asleep in Dan’s bed.

Sat 0730, Julie waking me up. My phone was off, opps! The night before I said, “dont worry I will be awake, I always wake up when I have to” ha ha Poor Julie’s flight was at 0845 from BWI.  Thank you Amanda for driving to the airport, we dropped Julie and off and went to go get Dave’s car. Duh, Baltimore marathon! Lots of streets were closed so the car was a no go. Oh how I am so glad we were not running in the 5K this morning. Back to Amanda and I actually slept on and off till about 1400. Amanda, Dave, and Dan left to go to the lego store. 

Eric and I got up and showered. I dropped a GIANT bottle of conditoner on my big toe, yip another bruise. We just took off in the car, drove around. I told Eric to pull over, so Walgreens it was:  Yup that is me getting sick in the parking lot. I didnt wanna get back into the car but had to. We decided to find Little Ceasars so I used my navigation. Drove around the ghetto on the crappy streets of Baltimore, me feeling worse. Opps again I took us to Little Carl’s?!?! Eric finally found little Ceasars $1300 for a large pizza, 2 orders crazy bread and a siera mist, gotta love that place : We found a park, it was rather windy, ate our pizza and crazy bread. Oh how I instanltty felt better. Back to Amanda’s hanging on the couch with the dogs and cats (not my choice, it was theirs) watched Shrek and took a little nap. Still waiting for them to get back so we go back to the Tempo lounge to play Keno. I drank about a 2liter of gingerale and then was able to have a bud light. Eric and I played Keno and then I pointed out the computer ponies to Eric, big mistake! We actually broke even after sitting there about 3 hours playing and hanging out.    Amanda, Dave, and Dan showed up. Amanda and Dan had some flippin sweet mustaches on and so I had to join in:     Back to Amanda’s. I “convinced” Eric to get a stash  didnt work so well, coud bethe fact that Dan and I were working together with beer to apply it.  We headed to the Edger Allen Poe gravesite, closed who would of thought at 1am. Dumbasses! Ok to the inner harbor to look for a letterbox (see letterbox page) well the bridge we needed to take was closed. We crawled through the fense. This is Dan squeezing through the fence with his Kankles!  

Sunday: everyone got up late. Dave and Dan left around noon. Eric, Amanda and I went to inner harbor, cheesecake factory for lunch!  🙂 We left around 4 to come home. Hey look my new shirt:

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  1. Amanda

    OMFG, that is really funny reading what happened again. hahah the cankles through the fence might be too much for me at the moment.

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