“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away”

This was the cake I got for my grandma for her 80th birthday. Why the middle finger? Cause she is always flipping people off!  This is my Bam, she is the strongest person I know. She is opinionated, funny, loving, caring, the greatest cook and the best grandma anyone could ever have. I was lucky to able to spend alot of time with her when I was little. I never wanted to go home. 

My favorite Bam meal: meatloaf and creamed potatoes and peanut butter fudge.  I guess I could add pickeled sauage, banana pineapple cake, scalloped corn, sugar cookies, stawberry angel food cake, and cheeseburgers from the diner (with a finger print in the center cause it made them taste so much better)

     Yup Bam is wearing an Ozzy sweatshirt!                  

I tried to get the sausage recipe out of her last night, she told me she didn’t remember it.  She still wont give it up 🙂

I asked Bam the other day if she ever drove? Well she said her older brother Ken told her to pull in her dad’s new tractor in the shed. Well she drove it right threw the shed, in 1 side and out the other. She never drove again.

Yesterday I asked if she could go anywhere in the world where would she go? Back to the Bahamas.  I really liked that answer!

Tuesday we went to St. Joe’s for her paracentisis (Check out the clip, it is interesting to watch) Bam sat in her wheelchair for over 2 hours before they took her into do the draw. It was the doctor, he was late!  I was so glad I went, it was very interesting to see.

My mom asked what her favorite color is? BLUE. Then my mom asked who her favoriet kid is? She spit up her drink and said she doesnt have a favorite.

Bam married Pa (grandfather) when she was 17, he was 7 years older. They got married on Spruce St. in a methodist church (which is now gone).  She grew up in Lowman and attended the 1 room classroom, which still stands in Lowman. Then she walked to Wellsburgh for high school. It was about a 30 minute walk. If she took the bus it picked her up at 7am and school did not start till 9. She chose to walk so she could help her dad out at the barn before school.  There were 10 kids in the family, 3 boys and 7 girls. Bam was #5.

Bam and Pa had 7 children, one died at birth. Kenny, Duane, Tom, Cheryl, Jerry, and Pat.

Bam told me yesterday that “I think I would rather deal with cow shit, than people’s shit”  I am so like her!

         Bam made room in her bed the other morning, she thought Abbi had come to visit. Abbi did come later and Bam gave her kisses.

 A puzzle Bam put together for me 🙂

I think Bam is strong like a camel! She wants to go to Walmart today.     

                I can’t believe I forgot to add she is a die hard Yankee fan!

Me: “Bam what are you doing?”

Bam: “Going crazy”

Me: “Can I come?”

Bam: “Your already there.”

Her thing this week is sticking her tongue out at Cook, she just cracks me up.

Bam passed away November 26, 2010. She was the strongest person until the end.

I got a tattoo in memory of Bam, I know she is up there cracking up!    Yup, a fork with creamed potato!



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2 responses to “Bam

  1. Pat

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

  2. Clara

    This is a beautiful story. I never write on this thing but couldn’t help myself. You were a wonderful grandaughter.

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