crazy weekend

On Friday Eric and I were married 6 months. (Nov12th)

Normally we are not the people to celebrate such things, honestly we have no idea when we started dating. Maybe 9 years ago, summer time?

Well last week Eric asked me if I have a second husband cause he never sees me. After this comment I found us a room at Vernon Downs Hotel and Casino.

I almost cancelled the room d/t Bam being very sick but decided to go, we would only be about 2.5 hours away, we could get home quick. So friday came and I got our bag somewhat packed and carved a letterbox stamp to plant while we were there. Mike and I visited Bam for a couple of hours and when I got home my kitchen and basement were flooded.

A pipe burst under the sink and flooded everything. Oh did I mention that my cell phone has not been working consistently for a few days. I tried to call for help, no go! I had to go to Mikes to use his phone and I borrowed his neighbors cellphone. Mike started scooping the water up with a cup into a bucket and I got the shop vac going. Eric came home and found a couple more shop vacs.       As I was cleaning I remembered that my shoes from Ireland were in the closet. Yup closet soaked and my shoes soaked that the sweet box that I actually brought home from Ireland ruined 😦  I piled all my shoes outside, they were actually filled with water.   It was starting to get dark and cold so the shoes went into the garage. Our coats were soaked  We got everything somewhat cleaned up and took off to Vernon Downs about 5:30. On  the way we passed Cortland (ha ha I actually planned this) and stopped and got Little Caesar’s Pizza. We are so addicted! We got a pizza, 2 orders of crazy bread, and cheesy garlic bread to take to the hotel.

Room 517, it was huge!   We ate our dinner and then headed to the casino. Sorry no pictures in the casino. We played the slots (no table games there) and sat at the bar for a bit, we played Quickdraw and decided to have 1 more drink and play another $20 a piece on slots. While I was waiting for Eric to get another drink I say the Pizza Lugi slots, we played those in Aruba! I thought it was a sign, well someone was on 1 of the 2 so I sat at the other and Eric played something else. I was actually falling asleep sitting there so I went back to the room.

 Oh yeah almost forgot, I was walking through the casino and some older guy walked by me and said, “Nice pants” all snotty like. Really?!?!? Get a life people!

Okay back in the room    How could you go wrong with Mr. Bubble 🙂


 Yup 23 cents for me and 1 cent for Eric. Guess we had to go back into the casino to play away our winnings from last night. Well it did not go to far. We decided to go to Turning Stone for a couple of hours. On the way I had Eric looking for a letterbox, got mixed up but did find somewhere to plant 1. (see letterbox page if you care.)

We ate the left over crazy bread on the way  Bowtie is silly. At Turning Stone we set a time and money limit. Found the wheel game and played. Our money actually ran out as time did, worked out well. While we were there I saw a sign for Josh Blue: He has cerebral palsy.  The show is Feb 25th at Turning Stone, for tickets check out:  We are going!

We found a game room with a sketch machine, Eric had $3 so we got in.

 I pushed the character button, which is only suppose to be 1 person. Our picture is so funny!

Heading home, taking a different way: towards Binghamton. Abbigail’s baptism is tonight after church.

St. James, Waverly NY.    My dad and Anne are the god parents.   My camera somewhat broke at this point.  

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  1. Amanda

    Hey! Nice pants!!! What a sucky deal with the pipe bursting and your phone dying… this week will be better!

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