My favorite things

You ever found a product and wonder how you lived so long without it?

1. Nook at Barnes and Nobles. I LOVE LOVE this thing. The battery lasts forever, I can share books with friends for free, books download in less than 60 seconds right to our nook. Unlimited books, magazines, and newspapers. $150 or $250 for the newest version.

2. Bud Light Not only does it taste great the commercials are the best!

3. Strawberry banana smoothie from McDoanlds Umm delicious and only 210 calories and 0.5 grams of fat.

4. Nivea chapstick Great hydrating chapstick for about $2.50.

5.  Chi hair straightener This little thing really works well, Kind of pricey at about $100 but well worth it!!!

6. JIF peanutbutter Oh the creamy goodness is amazing with just about anything.

7. Neutrogena face soap wash my face everyday with this stuff.  

8. Crystal Light to add to water. This stuff id great. I am so addicted to cranberry apple and fruit punch.

9. Towel Spa I got this for a wedding shower gift. Love it in the winter.

10. Mossimo Tank top I really ♥ these! I usually wear them everyday, so comfy.

Anyone have any flippin sweet prodcuts they wanna share?

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