Seneca Falls

It’s a wonderful run

Eric and I left Elmira around 1:30 and headed toward Seneca Lake. I made him stop to look for a letterbox. We got mixed up for a minute Eric took a wrong turn and we went to Waterloo first. We found Seneca Falls and the town was so crowded. Found a place to park in the bank parking lot. We walked down to the Clarence Hotel so I could register. That place was crazy! I got my packet long sleeve shirt, coupons, Every man Jack product, and my bub card #147. MTV was there make a show, Made. A teenage wanted to made into a 5K runner. So you had to sign a release if you wanted to be on TV. I skipped out on that, but I do think they got a good shot of Ethel and I   towards the end. Eric found a spot at the bar and had a drink while I got my things. Race started at 4:40.  I got done in 36:16 and found Eric sitting at the bar, what a loser (don’t worry I keep telling him) had a drink and then went to look for our hotel in Geneva.

Microtel $54.99 a night, sweet! I actually like these hotels. They are tiny rooms but super nice!   I got a shower and changed. We went looking for a place to eat, some bar and  restaurant across from Hobart College. This place was odd. We walked in and 3 different wait staff were trying to figure out where to put us. Well we ended up this tiny table which was not wide enough for us to sit across from each other, we had to stagger. We were SO hunger. We got cheesy Moz bread and cheeseburgers. All of the food came with weird small veggie pieces under it. Then the waitress was horrible! She asked if we wanted to see the desert menu before we were even half way done, our burgers we way under cooked, she brought our check while we were still eating. I paid with my card and she did not leave a pen for me to sign.

We went back to the room, I carved a stamp. (I know DORK!) We started watching Indian Jones and fell asleep.  Ok now I did have a bit of a problem with the room, it was so small that any light that you did use would light up the entire room. Well of course I woke up at midnight and could not sleep. I forgot my glasses and could not see the TV from bed. Toss and Turned in the tiny queen sized bed.

Sunday morning up and at em’. I found a continental breakfast in the lobby. Bagel and PB, yum. We left the hotel and I wanted to find another letterbox, we got mixed up again and ended up in Waterloo.

Back in Seneca Falls:         

Pouring ran on the way home 😦

  Back at home eating pizza

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