CrApTaStIc ChRiStMas!

So I got the idea from Amanda to have Craptastic Christmas. We has to spend atleast $10.00 on a gift to exchange.

We met at the Homestead but they do not serev breakfast, so it was moved to Classic Cafe. We ordered drinks and breakfast.

We all picked a number and then went around according to our number to pick a present.

Jennilee and Rob went first:  mooning Santa

Lorene:  Poop book

Michelle:  Penis ring toss and penis pop

Nicole:  Poop activity book (I found this @ Barnes and Noble) and pooping reindeer

Angie:  a purse hook

Jackie:  a blue disc

Me:  Beer bread

Lindsay:  rubber chicken

  I hate when bathrooms have these things, I think they are gross. I know they are better for the environment though

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One response to “CrApTaStIc ChRiStMas!

  1. Amanda

    haha, those are some pretty great presents!!! Very creative ladies!!! My present this year is a picture book on freckles. 🙂

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