My first love

  My first love: Bowtie Bear

I have a confession, which many know about but I am almost 31 years old and sleep with a Teddy Bear!

My aunt bought him for me when I was like 4 from P&C. This bear was not particularly cute at his best day but for someone reason I bonded with him.

Yup I was really weird as a kid, I know you are all so surprised 🙂 I came up the very orignal name of Bowtie for this bear, umm cause he had a red bowtie. This bear went back and forth from my mom’s and dad’s house. I could not, who am I kidding still can not sleep without this thing. This bear has traveled the world: Iceland, Aruba, Ireland, Disney, California x3, St Thomas, Turks and Cacios, Bahamas, Cayman Island, Dominican Republic, Cancun x2, Vegas x3, Bonaire, Key West, and many places along the east coast.

Eric loves him as much as I do, I know really weird. Our wedding bands are engraved. Mine “bow” and Eric’s “Tie” 


I know your all jealous, he is super cute and smells great  FANTASTIC!


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2 responses to “My first love

  1. Marcy

    Another member of your family….I like that! And I don’t think its weird you sleep with a stuffed animal!

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