Winter Olympics 2011

  I have been talking about having winter olympics for years, so why not do them just before my birthday!

Jan 8th with a start time of 8:30 pm, yup I knew that would not happen. We had to wait on a couple of people and for the Jets game to get over (Eric was happy J.E.T.S, jets jets, jets)

We had 16 people with 8 teams and 10 events planned.

Bill is amazing and set up the best computer program EVER to help organize and keep track of everything.

List of events:

  1. Pool (scoth doubles)
  2. Beer Pong (team)
  3. Ring game
  4. Bopit
  5. Wii bowling (team)
  6. Trivia (team)
  7. Bottle cap darts
  8. Flip cup (team)
  9. Euchre
  10. stack 3 golf balls

We had to give up at 0430 and did evey event but Flip cup. We ended up with a tie for first: Boner/Newcomer and Debbie/Damond

The winners got some fliipin sweet trophies!     

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