Atlantic City

 Ok, sometimes I am special and can not remember things, so if I forgot anything to those of whom went  please let me know.  Also there are a few things that should be left in AC, and will be left in AC!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOOSE!    Ok we went to AC for Cory’s 30th birthday. We waited a week b/c of a concert: Music as a Weapon Tour : In this moment, Sevendust, Korn, and Disturbed. Ok I am getting way ahead of myself.

Sat Jan 29th about 0300 the first car left: Cory, Mase, Chubs, Weez, and Kurt. I know crazy ass mofos!

Everyone else met at our house, bill showing up with a giant bunch of bananas (in case anyone wanted to eat 5 a day like in Iceland), cough drops (in case I got a sore throat and didnt wanna do anything), and Summer’s Eve (in case Eric had a sandy vaginia) The next group left around 1145. David, Pikers, and myself in the Priuis and Eric, Bill, and Pierson in the Nissan. We loaded up the cars and were getting ready to leave. David informed us that we would be stopping ALOT!    We get in the car and find the Quilters guide to the Northeast.  

Our car was kind of quiet so we played Would you rather?

Would you rather chew on a used condom for an hour or have all of your pubic hair become in-grown? 

Finally to Atlantic City, just short of 5 hours, yeah Buddy!

We carried all of our crap in and walked forever with it. Elevators were crazy and people kept running into them cutting us off. We (me, Bill, and Pike) finally got one and then a whole bunch of people crammed into. Did I mention I HATE being on a elevator full of people. The funny thing about it was I was wearing the Weez protector and I got a lot strange looks  

In the lobby we waited to the side while the boys check in. We had alot of luggage, snacks, water and of course three 30 packs of Budlight. Yup more strange looks and an old man asked David if we were moving in?!?! 

Ryan and Amanda left Baltimore and met us in AC sometime after 7ish?

We got changed and went out.       Us with the Summer’s Eve.    There was a total of 13 of us, so it was hard to get everyone together to do the same things. A bunch of us wanted Pizza and beer so we caught a     van to the Corner Bar, yup CLOSED! Bastards! We walked back on the boardwalk to the Tropicanna and some of us went to Hooters for dinner while the others gambled and went to Fire waters.      We told the Hooters girls it was Pike’s Bday so she had to get on the chair and wear a Hooters shirt.  Hey David you still owe me $400 for that!

On to Firwaters with everyone else.    Bill & Pikers I guess Bill is giving the crazy eye  hats off, Shots! David posin  Bill talking to Tim on the phone.   “How’s it look god damn it?”      teaching David how to fee the chickens.

We were all (yes all 13 of us) at the same place for a whole 20 minutes maybe.   Amanda arranged a group picture and almost got her ass beat by a mean black lady.  Ok not sure where Chubs head went but his arms are in there!!!

Up to the 40o oz bar! We got 6 of them for $52 and then the bartender made an $8 tip, JERK!  We were taking pictures and he took the change, quick little fucker!    So Ethel and Blanche attract people, they seem to love those crazy dirty girls          

Ha Ha Chillin’ with our 40’s         

Cab back to the Showboat, our taxi driver was not nice. I tried to play would you rather, no luck!

Back at the House of Blues Casino hanging at the bar     

We hung out a bit longer and Eric, Pike, and myself went to bed around 0400. Not sure about anyone else. All I heard is that Peirson and Bill were drinking at the bar till after 0600 and David fell over drunk in the casino, yup and did not spill his beer.   Oh and he threw up red all over their room, poor Ryan and Amanda, no sleep!

Sunday we got up and of course it takes forever for everyone to get around. I went to the casino bar and ordered a diet coke and put $20 in and won $100 on poker, I was not even paying attention it was my fist play.

 We met up (me, Eric, Pike, Cory, and Weez) and went  for a walk along the boardwalk, yup still cold out! Weez was only wearing a T-shirt. I offered to buy him a sweatshirt but I got to pick it out. After looking for awhile trying to decide over a tie-die I heart Atlantic City, or pink I love this crazy town, to the American Flag with Atlantic City.  We went to some weird Irish pub and got some snacks and Bill and Pierson met up with us. On the way back I found Weez a sweatshirt, XXL baby blue Zip ALL THE WAY UP with cut up cartoon parts.  

Eric and I buried my Korn letterbox in the sand, I am kind of leary on this hoping someone will find it, I lOVE that carve, if  I do say so myself.   

The girls went shopping down at Caesar’s and decided to walk back and then thought we should take a Rickshaw  Yup got pushed down the boardwalk in a cart by an older gentleman, we so could of walked faster but it was warm. We pulled up to the hotel door and out walked the boys, great timing!

House of Blues to see the show, AMAZING! Korn in AC.     Bill could not find us so he text me and asked where we were and I told him by the Sammy David Jr picture, he could not find it  which was next to this awesome almost naked man and cop picture. I guess I should of told him about this. It was sweet too cause Bill and Weez’s room was very close so we went back there for the bathroom and to stock up on beer to sneak in. I know super funny like we are poor 21 year olds trying to get away with it, and we did!  Yup beer in my pants!   During the concert some guy wanted to fight Cory cause he said Cory was running into this girl (Amanda) that shit was funny Cory said she’s with me!

Ordered some Papa Johns, ummmm. That pizza was tastey.  We noticed the ceiling while eating pizza, sweet shoes!

Up and at em’ Monday to check out, yup again with the strange looks while we were waiting to check out. Pierson and David left early in the morning and we left around noon. I insisted we go letterboxing, no luck on the first so we drove about 20 minutes in the wrong direction to find another. YEAH we had luck at some observation tower thing.


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  1. Amanda Jennings

    Can I just say… I absolutely love the Weez Protector. It makes me laugh every single time I see someone with it on. hmmmm, trying to think of anything you left out. Can’t think of anything, well except maybe Bill’s banana’s, summer’s eve, and whatever that third product was in case anyone got hungry, sandy vag, or… can’t remember.

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