It’s Vegas Baby!

I know you people probably think I am never home, but if a trip arises and I am free I am going! Life is too short to say what if?

So my mom and my aunt (Cook) planned a trip to Vegas about 6 weeks ago. I talked about going but mostly joking and wishing. Well we went to lunch for Cook’s birthday on Feb 11th, Guiesepi and it was yummy! I bought them a flamingo to take along with them and some goodies. They were talking about their trip and I told them I wish I was going and I would look for a flight. I got home and the flights were almost $600 for a mini mini vaca, yup I was actually thinking smart for once and did not buy a ticket. I got to think about my frequent flyer miles, Oh my I could actually use them with no black out periods! This was so meant to be! I booked it Friday night.  Now my next dilemma was to get someone to work at Bernies for me cause I was covering for Colleen and I had my own shift, ok phew thanks to Kelly and Peggy that was all set. So now comes Monday I called my mom to see if she was excited about leaving in the morning. She asked if I was coming, I got nervous thought someone told her. I told her no that the flight was way too much and not worth it. I talked to Donnie (my mom’s boyfriend) and told him I was going and see she if she had any idea that I would be showing up. NOPE 🙂 Tuesday morning Donnie took my mom and Cook to the airport and on the ride my mom told Cook how I tried to find a ticket but it was too much! Donnie called me to tell me that they had no idea that I would be showing up. I worked Tuesday night got home and packed Wed morning.  Tried to stay awake and do mindless things aka facebook. I did notice that someone won $48,000 at Caesar’s Las Vegas, so I text my mom to ask if it were here. Ok finally broke down and slept 2 hours. I met Eric at his work so he could take me to the airport, my flight left at 3:45. I was sad that he could not come.   Waiting in Elmira, of course it was snowing. Quick flight, less than an hour and I was in Philly. Took the bus to the other terminal and walked to find some food and a place to nap, had about an hour layover. Damn it the bar was full! Sitting and saw this lady and all I could think about was how I would so get stuck sitting next to her  At this point I had not heard back from my mom regarding the text I sent her about 8 hours ago. I was getting nervous. I knew they were staying that the Stratosphere but had no idea where they would be and did I mention someone hacked my debit card number the week prior so I did not have a debit card to get myself a room if I could not find them. About to board the plane and my mom finally text that it was not them that won the money, but they had been at Caesar’s during the day. I decided to tell her I was coming. I said my flight lands at 8:30 I should be at the hotel by 9:30, wanna meet me in the lobby. Her response was something like “you brat, I thought you weren’t coming”

Boarded the plane and I actually got super lucky: exit row aisle seat next to a skinny man. When I sat down he said, “Oh I am so happy you are not fat!” Ha ha I told him I was thinking the same thing. For some reason I thought the flight to Vegas was 3 hours, yeah well not so much, 5 stinking hours!You would think I would know this as it was my 4th trip to Vegas. Slept a few minutes here and there and read alot from my nook.

Arrived in Vegas 8:30 (Vegas time, which is 3 hours ahead on NY) got my bag and found a taxi, which cost about $35 with tip. What a rip off! Oh well it was quick and easy.

Called my mom to tell her I was there and she was playing at hitting so I wandered through the casino and found her. She was very excited and we went up to the room to drop off my bag and then went to look for Cook. We were getting on the elevator and she was getting off, lucky! We decided to look for some food, I was starving! We went up to the “mall section” of the stratosphere and walked around. I decided on a mexican place and got nachos and a bud light, life was good. Oh did I mention it would have been Bam’s 81st birthday today (wed Feb 16th) what a great way for us girls to celebrate! We talked and I ate. My mom mentioned how she always wanted to try the Oxygen bar while she was here and so did I. There is one in the Stratosphere so we went to check it out. $12 with massage. Why not? We went in and sat down at the “bar” she placed oxygen on us and she told us about different oils she used and gave us quick massages with these AWESOME effortless hand massagers.    Oh did I mention at this point I have been awake since Tuesday around 2pm and it is now Thur 2am (NY time)feeling exhausted. The lady offered a pick me up shot, so my mom and I had one. It was kind of gross and we have no idea what was in it. Then we moved over to the massage chairs and sat for a bit.       On to gamble for about a half hour and everyone was tired so we went back to the room. Cook in 1 bed with her self-made recliner and my mom and I in the other, then we had to switch sides. We got laughing which got cook farting which made us laugh even more. I think maybe that shot of healthy crap was kicking in. Ok it was now about 5am (NY time) and I crashed!

Thurs we got up some what early considering we went to bed to so late. We went to breakfast at the hotel buffet, great choice! A little bit of everything  Those little lemon thinks we yummy delicious!   Ok girls let’s get moving, the sun is out and we are in Vegas! I brought a bunch of letterboxing clues so we went in search for letterbox which we were hoping it would take us to new places. For those of you who are not familiar with Vegas the Stratosphere is the last hotel on the North end of the “strip”. There is a map of the strip on the bottom of this site.  We started walking South stopping at the large naughty adult store, not really what we were thinking, then onto the world’s largest gift shop store?!?! Crossed the street to go into the Sahara, cook had to go to the bathroom already! Ethel was excited there was sun and she wanted to be out    

We were in search for the 1/2 off show ticket booth. We walked and stopped at the Encore, I had never been in. It is amazing, figured it would be since the Wynn is. We walked around and the girls got players cards with free slot play, I couldn’t get 1, used it a few years ago at the Wynn. Leaving the Wynn we crossed back over to the other side of the strip and finally found the 1/2 off ticket booth. Whoopi Goldbergh:    We asked about tickets for tonight’s show (Thursday) Viva La Elvis, which were $68 a piece, SWEET! We decided to get tickets for Friday too, The Beatles Love. Not sure if you ever seen a Cirque De Soleil show but they are so worth the prices, AMAZING!!! I had seen a few before so it was a must this trip.  On to Treasure Island, we did a quick walk through and my mom found Pepsi and I do believe I think I seen her O face.  Cook with Zoltar. You know all the times I have been to Vegas I have never seen the pirate show out front of Treasure Island, I will next time.  We continued to walk past the Mirage, we were going there on Friday for the Beatles show. Next Caesar’s. Let me tell you for the people who have never been to Vegas, Caesars is HUGE! It goes on forever and I still get mixed up in there. We came across my first letterbox, which was planted in a magnetic key holder under a traffic light. We crossed again so I could go to Bills, but it was not Bills. I got mixed up. Cook wanted to go to the Casino Royale, which gave away $50 free play. We went in and signed up, playing our slots and I thought I hit, $400 something. super excited till I realized they were these dumbass machine that required you to get $4000 free play credits on it before you made $100 cash. Sitting using up my credits and I noticed my mom had taken out a brochure or so she thought, yup she left our show tickets on the seat! Crazy fool!  We found the street performers, got to support the arts.Then  onto the Flamingo for a letterbox. I had never been really through the Flamingo. We found a park outside in the middle of the hotel, with what? you guess it real flamingos. Ethel was excited to see her family. I found the letterbox, what a great spot, it is super hard to plant in Vegas. I was also able to leave a hitchhicker Mabel the flamingo. (thanks Janet for the crave) We continued on our way to the Paris,  yup another letterbox, it was hidden under a bench out front with the magnetic key holder. My mom and Cook sat on a bench on the strip and waited for me. We continued to walk to Planet Hollywood, walked some of the miracle mile of shops. Found a Cheese Burgers Las Vegas: I think we all ordered a redneck burger with velveta cheese.  Walked out of the shopping center to find the Hangover guys:   Back to walking on to the City Center, which is a collection of 5 new hotels, the complex is futuristic. The Elvis show is in the Aria. We found the theater which is forever into the hotel. At this point I am tired of walking too. We waited around for a bit, looked in the gift show. I bought some flippin sweet Elvis sunglasses. The show was great: I did fall asleep for a few minutes. At the end they dropped down Elvis scarfs, some guy snatched one from my mom and his family had 3, DOUCHEBAG! We took a taxi back to the hotel we gambled a little bit and went back up to the room. My mom and Cook decided to go back down to give me a jump-start on sleep since I was exhausted and the night before did not go well with us giggling.

Friday morning, up and moving! We ate at the buffet again. We got a bus pass for $7 for 24hours. We boarded the bus to go downtown “Old Vegas”. My mom and never been and Cook had not been in many years. The bus was not to bad, not many people and it is a quick ride downtown. We stopped at Fremont Street. If you do go to downtown go at night also, cause they do a great light show on the ceiling. We walked around most of the casinos.   We found the New Orleanes, which had a drawing every half hour so we stayed a played a bit. My mom went to cash out, ha ha nickles! A bucket full of nickles, it was great!  We went to  Binions and got our picture taken with $1,000,000 dollars, so we stayed and played there while we waited for our pictures to print. Cookers wanted some beads.  

Found the bus back to the strip. We stopped at the Stratosphere so I could get our show tickets in case we did not make it back in time. We got back on the bus with our $7 bus pass and headed towards the other end. YUCK I did forget how busy the bus does get and how many damn stops it makes, EVERY hotel. For some reason I convinced them to get off around Caesars cause I thought we were close to Jimmy Buffets and thought it would be easier. Well we walked a little more and finally got to Maragitaville. Had about a 30 minute wait so we looked in the gift show and played the hook game.  I have one at my house and I still have never got that damn thing hooked! We got our seats and they were horrible. Way in the back and we could not see any TV screens 😦 Had a great late lunch/dinner. NACHOS     when we were about to leave the girl got in the blender Back to walking. I wanted to go to New York New York and play the wheel and stop at the Monte Carlo for a letterbox. We went through the city center again. On to the Monte Carlo, no letterbox 😦 Finally to New York New York, it was getting dark. Went in no Wheel game, again bummed and getting tired. We walked up to the shops and looked around for a sweatshirt. Walked across the sky walk to MGM grand, did not go in.  Adidas store, yeah a sweatshirt! Decided to walk to the Mirage. On the way we stopped and watched the water show at the Belagio, I took a video but I am computer retarded so I “borrowed” someone elses.   We got lost in Ceasar’s. On to the Mirage to see the Beatles show. Good thing we were early, cause do you believe I lost the tickets. Those damn tickets have been set down and missed placed way too much in a day and a half. I had 45 minutes to find them. My mom did not want me to go alone but I knew I would get there quicker alone. I finally left my mom and Cook and decided to walk back to the hotel to see if they were there. I decided to walk because the distance does not appear to be that far and I figured by the time I got on the damn bus and stopped a million times I would be there and I was too cheap to get another taxi. Well the walk is alot further than it looks, I just looked it up and it is 2.13 miles which does not seem like much but with limited time crazy traffic since it was a Friday night it took to the entire 30 minutes. Ran up to the room and there they were sitting on the dresser, remember earlier when I said I went to get them after downtown so we would have them? I have no clue what I did up there then!?!?! I caught a taxi back to the mirage $25, boo! They let us in, which we got REALLY lucky and we were about 15 minutes late. I bought a giant beer and life was good again: We went into the gift shop after the show and my mom bought me some fun stuff 🙂 Took a taxi back to the hotel. Gambled for a bit, I played the wheel for about an hour lost the rest of my money but the money I saved for the ride to the airport and went to bed. Up and about around 5am, I couldn’t really sleep. I caught a taxi, the driver was very nice. Yup I chatted with him, weird I know. To the airport things went super smooth and I ended up sitting around for over an hour, so I tried to take a nap. Flew to phoenix, which I have never been there so that was kind of cool. Found my terminal and took about a 45 minute real nap, bought a cinnabun and boarded the plane to philly. There were empty seats, I was at the window seat and for some reason the couple next to me would not move dumabsses. Slept off and on and read. Flight was early into Philly. Found the terminal and a bar. Drank alot and ate, waiting for Bill.  He did not show till just before we boarded. He was coming home with his family from visiting his sister in St. Croix. How weird is it when we were boarding the plane we realized that we were in the same row sitting next to each other. Finally in Elmira at 11pm, to alot of snow. I was EXHAUSTED!!! My mom and Cook left Sat afternoon to come back and landed in Binghamton on Monday Sunday morning.


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