Weez turns 31!


 A last-minute decision to rent a bus and travel around Elmira for Weez’s birthday.

I found a bus, which was out of Buffalo. It cost alot more than we wanted to pay but it was the only thing available. We had to pay for 5 1/2 hours of driving time for them to get to Elmira and back to Buffalo 😦

Bus leaves from our house at 8pm Redo  not much better!     

We have to go to Michelle’s and pick her up!    I got the necklace caught in my teeth and everyone happened to be watching, oppies!

 The first stop country tavern. The problem is that the guy is not familiar with Elmira so we wasted some time getting places. We get to the country tavern and some weirdo was all over the girls.     We played the dime games, I brought a baggie full of dimes. Kurt and I got it  Free drink! 

Back on the bus, with a rule that you can not sit next to someone you already sat by.            On to O.D. Mars:  We get there and no strippers! The owner did dance a bit.  David met up with us there.                    The owner gave me cash money $$  my parents are yet again so proud of me!

Anyone want a room?  

Back on the bus       cory climbing on the ceiling and knocked out the stereo, oh and he farted!  

 BeefEaters: we gave everyone challenge when they got off of the bus.

  1. Trade one article of clothing with someone
  2. Find someone with a big belt buckle
  3. Find a bald man
  4. Walk into a bar pretending you’re a ninja
  5. Find a cougar
  6. Buy weez a drink
  7. Buy Michelle a drink
  8. Do the robot
  9. Feed the chickens
  10. Ask someone if they are on team Edward or team Jacob
  11. Spank your own ass the entire chorus of a song
  12. Wear the harry potter glasses
  13. Wear the weez protector
  14. Pick a weird song to play
  15. Have an argument with yourself
  16. Sign someone’s boobs
  17. Ask for a sex on the beach and hold the beach
  18. Have someone draw a penis on your stomach
  19. Talk to Bill about quantum physics
  20. Tell the person closest to you something you don’t like about them
  21. Do the moon walk and then grab your crotch
  22. Do not talk for the entire time in the bar
  23. Have a conversation with Ethel only until a stranger talks to you or Ethel then you can talk back
  24. Do the sprinkler
  25. Walk around with zipper down
  26. Have a stranger pinch your nipple
  27. Rub noses with a stranger
  28.  Walk into the bar and yell “I love cheese”

Not really sure what was accomplished from the above list.

 too crowded so onto to Jake’s. On the way across the street Weez tripped over something and fell, ruined his P.I.M.P outfit. Cory scooped him up all quick like. Antionette fell at the same spot too!


Back on the bus:      

The Chill: $2 cover, ugh!        A drag queen took the bird off of the helemt and threw him. We lost him for a bit till found him on the floor of the bathroom, ill!  I think SHIM liked Cory’s face.


The camera is official dead!

The Sand Dollar for one, we saw Heather 🙂

APlus for some more beer for the cooler

Rounding 3rd



Woke up feeling like I was in the movie the Hangover. Pictures from my house, looked much worse then pictures show.   cheeseballs all over  cookie cake on the floor, you should see the knife I used.the shower curtain was some what open, I was nervous to look in. Beads all over the bathroom and a beer!   I found Tammie’s shoes, I could not stop laughing, how do you lose these boats?!?!?! Plus it was snowing alot by now so I thought she went home barefoot in the snow.

Amanda is among the living:

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