I have worked as a nurse for almost 7 years now, yikes time flies! It was a long crazy road to get where I am now and sometimes I wonder if it is worth it!

Some days I wonder why? Why would I be a nurse of all people? I usually HATE people, yup true story! I hate being touched and close to people. Well being a nurse I get into  many personal spaces and people do have a tendency to intrude in mine. The older generation likes to grab at hands and arms, give hugs when they leave, and are also forced to hold on to dear life sometimes. I try to over come my personal spaces issues with patients, but with Co-workers it is not ok.

So this weekend it was super busy at work, you feel under appreciated and like the pts suck the life out of you. Some people are so needy and no matter what you provide for them it will never be enough and then there are others who simply “I don’t want to bother you” which are the ones that need the attention most.

I have been called a Pee-on,  I have actually been peed on, rectal tubes and I do not get along, so yes I have been shit on, yelled at, spit on, punched, kicked, scratched (I still have a scar), and almost bit, well probably gummed 🙂

When I leave some mornings I think I am SO NOT COMING BACK TONIGHT!

Then I have a moment when a pt cracks me up. I have been asked if I give $5 blow jobs – probably by far my FAV story ever!

We have a man now who “corupts with city with his dirty magazines”

I was told that the nurses at St. Joe’s seem to be much more compassionate than other places

I hear great jokes, interesting war stories, see amazing families that rally around a loved one, and eventually I always do laugh about all the bad things above I mentioned.  

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