Baltimore again

For some reason I signed up for a run at the end of March near Baltimore. All I can say is life is an adventure, well at least mine is.

Friday we left for Amanda’s house. Took us about 4.5 hours, not too bad. We got there just after 9pm. We sat around for a bit and decided to go out for a drink. We went to Joannh’s. Eric came out of the men’s room and informed us there was a sex toy vending machine. So of course we had to check it out, Yes in the girls room dumb dummies! 50 cents per item, we spent $2.00 and were entertained for quite awhile.       the french tickler is covering agnes.

Oh and the bartender followed Eric around cause she thought he had a fake idea or his older brothers 🙂 Next place the Tempo bar, so Eric can play the ponies. There is a bunch of girls doing “Shots shots shots shots” and an old man at the end of the bar said “look all the whores are out tonight” and of course there was a fight going on with 2 guys with these girls and OF COURSE Eric got involved outside cause that is what he does!

Saturday: Up and I went shopping for a bit. Came back and Amanda and I went and got Little Caesar’s pizza while the boys did some housework.

 Our ride to the race, stupid 495 traffic.

Get to the park pick up our packets and sit down to make a letterbox  

 Gaithersburg, MD. Lake 3.5 mile trail run with obstacles     Amanda hiding Agnes again on my shoulder.    We started on the trail. Up and down and around. It was cold and we hear music half way around and then nothing, so Amanda tried to sing. Kind of boring with no obstacles for a bit. We get to the mud pit, Ethel dives in first.    Yup thought I took a picture of Amanda but guess I didn’t.  Amanda in the backround. Then the memory is full on my camera, dumbass I forgot an SD card. We hear music again, I am super excited now cause I want to curl up and shiver myself to sleep. Now onto a slip and slide  and then a mud pit:          we changed  and had a beer! Letterboxing time, I know I have a problem. No luck but we all looked for a bit. (thanks peeps) We planted 2 box while we were looking for one.

Back to Amanda’s to shower, Eric starts spakiling, he can’t help himself. On to dinner at a cute little place on the bay. Some dinner and drinks. On to the Tempo bar, very boring and us girls want to go home. Eric is addicted to the ponies!

Sunday: Sitting around and decided to finally plant The Raven box at Edgar Allen Poe’s gravesite. Headed into Baltimore to Westminchester

On to Fell’s Point. Lunch at the Horse you came in on Saloon.   Drinking Shock Top waiting for lunch. Eric got a budlight with a new design called my bud light. You can scratch your name onthe label with a coin or a key, SWEET!   Amanda and I got the Tombstone challenge. Four 8oz burgers, 6 slices cheddar cheese, 8 peices of bacon, dressed, 1lb FF, and 1lb of onion rings! If one person eats this in 30 minutes they win a free t-shirt. We decided to split it.     Jack Daniels anyone?  Well needless to say we did not eat nearly all of this tombstone. We went walking around Fell’s point, shopping a bit. Then hit up Maggie Moo’s icecream (I have no idea how I ate icecream after that burger) delic! I got the cinnamoo bun!

 Shopping! “Did you know that everyone should wear sunglasses 365 days out of the year to prevent eye damage from the sun?”

Back to NY!

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