Hurts so good

I have seen and heard about the stick. Well at the More Fitness Women’s half marathon running Expo they were selling them. I walked by and kept walking. For some reason I told Eric about it and he told me to get one if I wanted it. Probably cause he knew I would talk about “how I should have gotten one” all weekend. So I went back and tried it out. I was SOLD! the website.  Comes in 3 sizes, I chose the middle. Seemed to work well and better for traveling as opposed to the bigger one.

After walking around NYC all day when we got back to the room I tried it out, Oh wow it felt so good! Eric didn’t like it much, Wimp!

Woke up Sunday morning and used it quick before my race. Used it again last night when we got home and this morning, it provided much-needed relief to my sore sore legs.

I would highly recommend this product!

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