April 1, 2011: Headed to NYC! Bill, Eric, and I left Elmira around 5 ish. We got lost in Jersey but otherwise not a bad trip. We get to the hotel and Amanda had already checked-in. The room was small, tiny. We had to un-feng Shui the room. Chairs in the closet and clear the room out. We got a roll away bed and all was good. We went out! Found an irish bar and had a few drinks   and got ready to leave. On the way down stairs I happened to lose all of my money. Thanks to Amanda and Eric being behind me and noticing money everywhere  Moved on to 3 monkeys. Amanda, Bill, and I trying different beers.       Hit up a few other places  and thinking about finding Gyros, they smelled so good earlier.  pretending to eat a gyro, but I think I was bein an Mtard! Bill carries alcohol wipes to use in case he has to poop, so he can wipe the seat     Moving on yet again to the french bar, no bud light 😦 Ha ha bill asked the girls out front what language they were speaking. Super funny, maybe you had to be there!  We found an open restaurant on the way back to the room had a little snack and went to bed!

Saturday I got up at 8, took forever to get everyone moving. Went to central park and walked around. Strawberry Fields  There was a letterbox planted near, Bill found it.    a Wizard!  We walked and had hotdogs in the park.On a bridge in the park, thought it looked neat!  Caught a cab to the running expo to meet the girls. Got there a few minutes ealry and found a pizza shop, it was tasty and $3something for 2 slices and a can of soda. Tiny tables but we made do. Onto the expo, to pick up my packet and bib card.      I bought a stick, which I have been eyeing for a while.  Finally met up with Kelly, Peggy, Bonnie, and Theresa and chatted for a minute. We left and started walking back towards Times Square. Found a weird old church turned into a crazy little shopping mall.  My pants kept falling, well they ALWAYS do! We found an American Eagle and I bought a belt. We walked all the way back to our hotel, The Hudson on 58th. The boys decided to go to a hockey game in Long Island so they left around 5:30. We sat around trying to decide what to do. I made a sign for the race  ummm, letterboxing. Well the clues were confusing. I suggested the Empire States building. We made dinner reservations and took a cab to the Empire states building. Well we proceeded to wait in line FOREVER.  I had to take off my new belt, I was annoyed!  Just when you thought you were done there was ANOTHER line. We finally get to the elevator and that only takes you up 80 floors with still another 6 to go. If you take the stairs it’s 5 minutes, so that’s what we did. The cram as many people as they can out on the observation deck, which was cold and windy (I know duh!) We do a quick loop around and took a few pictures and left. Well waited in more lines to leave. It was horrible but the view was amazing    Back into the cab to dinner at Plataforma. brazilian style restaurant very expensive $$$ The food was good but we did not eat nearly $90 a piece worth. Amanda lost her debit card and we went back to the room. Passes out!

Sunday: Race day! 0700 oh so tired. Thinking Why, Why would I do this? I have not trained well and I am so not ready! I ate a bagel, got dressed and headed out.  Amanda decided not to run, as she was not registered and had not trained at all. She walked over with me. We found Peggy and Bonnie and hung out till the race started.   Stole these from Kelly cause I was got there later.  2:40:40 later I finished 13.1 miles!   Was going to walk back to the room and shower and decided to wait and see if I could find Peggy and Bonnie. Yup around mile 12  and then we met them at the end. We all made it!

Walked around the city awhile, I wanted a  BIG ASS CHEESEBURGER and a BEER! I got a couple bud lights and pizza. I looked like a homeless person  To the parking garge and out of dodge  PEACE OUT NYC!


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