Lower Expectations

Team trivia at Applebees again. Wanna test your skills?

5 pointers:

  1. What is commonly called the Big Island or the Oric isle?
  2. Blueridge, Catskills, and Cumberland are part of what mountain range?
  3. Easy to build when using the Teepe or crosstitch method?
  4. What machine does Glen Curtis’s part the aleron come from?
  5. 9 letters meaning bubblky booze?

10 pointers:

  1. 2 of 4 teams in the NFL with team names that are alterative?
  2. Feb 18, 1964 this famous person was born and their parents could of been watching a marshall with the same name on the show Gun Smoke?
  3. Latin for mountains. Follow Olympus______ and Poranus ______ marshain volcanoes.
  4. Audio- http://youtu.be/AUXoFGopZnQ title and Artist?
  5. Alive or Dead? He played Mr. Grant on the Mary tyler Moore show. Ed Eisner is he alive or dead?

15 pointers:

  1. Original Jesse James and Mark Twain have what in common?
  2. 1983 invasion of this country? A movie was made Heartbreak ridge about it.
  3. Refferred to so much in the news d/t the current war. What does WMD stand for?
  4. Audio-http://youtu.be/sUoWZ_zcPpE title and artist?
  5. He left the white house in 1809. Went home and never left the state of Virgina for the remainig 17 years of his life?

20 Pointers:

  1. What River was found by an Spanish explorer that say they were attacked by female warriors?
  2. Football coach Vince Lambardi won the most games. Who is the second place Coach that was also a former announcer on Monday nights?
  3. Audio http://youtu.be/6ofD9t_sULM title and artist?
  4. Oregeno is sold in the US from this dry plant? (everyone got this WRONG)
  5. Amsterdam name reflexs the fact that it is named after the river that surrounds the damn?
  6. Audio- http://youtu.be/CXAi15hORxU artist and title?

Bonus: Whatcha betting?

Topic: Alias


Question: Norma McCorrie, reversal in the 1973 landmark case. What was the real name?

Bill, Eric, and I we won 3rd place with 590 points!

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