Dyngus Day

  Everyone is Polish on Dyngus Day!  

 A few years ago someone at work told us about Dyngus Day. It is the first Monday after Easter. It is a polish-american celebration involving beer, pussywillows, and water. For some reason we always celerated at work with a cake, periogies, and kabasa. Well 2010 I decided to have a real Dyngus Day party. Logan and I found a few different kinds of polish beer, after a long search and we partied.     This year Amanda and I did not have a good luck with the poilsh beer, we found 12 bottles! We had perogies, a buttered lamb, kabasa, sausge, hotdogs, hot kabasa, chocolate polish words, the sweetest Dyngus day cake EVER, and of course Bud light  This year we had a few new people join us for Dyngus Day. We ate a little, drank alot, played some beer pong flip cup (GIRLS RULE!) and of course got into a pussywillow fight!


In rural Poland the tradition of Dyngus Day also included the traveling to neighbor’s homes, going door-to-door looking for treats. Often these treats were hard boiled eggs other Easter foods. While knocking on the door, youth would exclaim the following rhyme.

Check out this site for more info on Dyngus Day: http://www.dyngusdaybuffalo.com/whatisdyngusday.html

Smigus! Dyngus! Na uciechę z kubla wode lej ze śmiechem! Jak nie z kubla , to ze dzbana, Smigus – dyngus dzis od rana! Staropolski to obyczaj, Zebys wiedzial i nie krzyczal, gdy w Wielkanoc , w drugie swieto, bedziesz kurtke mial zmoknieta

Smigus! Dyngus! All for fun, Dump some water with a smile! If not from a cup, then from a pitcher, Smigus-Dyngus starts at dawn! It’s an old Polish custom, just so you’ll know and not yell, when on the second day of Easter, your jacket’s all soaking wet

How are you? Jak sie masz?
Good Day Dzien dobry
Thank you Dziekuja
Please Prosze
Cheers! Nazdrowie!
Live Long! Sto lat!
Let’s Dance? Zatanczymy?
Your Beautiful Jestes tak piekna
I like you Lubie Cie
I like beer Lubie pivo
I want you Pragne Cie
I love you Kocham Cie
Let’s get married Ozenmy sie
Let’s pray Modlmy sie
I’m broke Nie mam pieniedzy
I have a headache Boli mnie glowa

 Till Next year!

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  1. Ciekawe pomysły na wielkanoc.

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