1 year anniversary

May 12, 2011, I can’t believe how fast the last year has gone. Well maybe I can, we have kept very busy and havent stopped much. Well we decided to head to Florida for a quick weekend. Eric and I get to spend little time together d/t working opposite shifts and mulitple jobs. I guess it makes the time we do see each other more special.  So Thursday night I skipped out on Bernies and Eric and I hung out (his  mom took us to dinner).  Eric gave me a little blue box! I went into work for some OT that night. Great start huh?

Friday my dad and Anne took us to dinner and dropped us off at the airport.  Our flight left at 8:20 pm. The people on the plane were so LOUD and they left the lights on the entire time, Grrr, I wanted a nap. We landed around 11:40 and found a taxi, kind of nice not waiting for our bags. Find our hotel  http://www.bhotelsandresorts.com/b-ocean-fort-lauderdale/ we booked with priceline.com and did a bid, saved ALOT of money. The hotel is awesome, brand new, opened in Feb of this year. We got to the hotel around midnight, there were trippy walls in the lobby  they changed colors. We got into our room and noticed  double beds, I do ♥ our king size bed! Eric went back down to see if we could get a different room.     well no other rooms available, there was a wedding this weekend. I change and we go exploring. We go to McSorley’s Beach Pub and have a few and laugh at the bouncer and police officer, they are messing with people with their flashlights. Back to the room by 0300.

Saturday: Of course I was up early so I tried to be quiet and entertain myself without waking Eric.  I put together the letterboxes I made  to plant.  View from our room  ethel made a new friend  I woke Eric up and we headed out. We went straight for the beach and walked and walked some more. We found a little plaza area and went in for a drink. We found a little bar in the corner and has a drink  went up to Fat Tuesdays for couple more  the view from Fat Tuesday’s. We stayed for a bit, they actually played good music. We decided to head back to the hotel area and hit up the ocean. Stopping at CVS first, bought a cooler, koozies and some bud light. Walked back to the hotel, got a large pizza on the way. I bought a waverunner ball http://www.youtube.com/v/j7F-e-Q4m6s?fs=1&hl=en_US.  Crossed A1A to the ocean and found a spot to chill.  Kool Kids use Koozies! The water was actually warm we hung in the Ocean for a bit playing with the wave runner ball. It started to get real dark out, storming moving in! We headed back to the room and ended up taking a nap (I know you can sleep when your dead) Out to dinner at Bluefish Cafe, I got pulled pork sandwich and Eric got frenchfries. It started to rain a bit, we walked across the street to the Parrot Lounge  and had a drink, were about to leave but it started pouring so we had another drink. We went back to the hotel so I could change and had a drink at the pool bar, it was a little fancy for us. Caught a taxi to the Elbo room  a band was playing downstairs and a DJ up stairs.  we decided to walk up the street  found Dirty Blondies, ended up being a huge bar with lots of games, but most did not work 😦  We did try the treasure chest and no luck.  We walked some more and found the Rock bar, got a Coors light and listened to ghetto music, yup no rock! Quickly moved on and walked back to the Elbo Room. On the way we thought we found a score  no pirates and the bar was closed, BOO!  We catch a cab back to the hotel and head back to McSorley’s for a drink  ok we are about done here, I walk Eric back to the room and got get a slice of pizza next door.

Sunday: I got up early again and went to the pool, found a cabana and read a book.  There is an infinity pool, but it was kind of cold.   I read for a few hours till Eric got up and around. We decided to head to the park to look for letterboxes, well I decided. The Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is next to our hotel.  we walk into the park and pay $2 per person. http://www.floridastateparks.org/hughtaylorbirch/ We were looking for Beach hammock trail and headed towards the beach.  We found an area where a letterbox was planted but did not have any luck with Ocean Princess. Just an angry duck  he really didn’t like Ethel.  We walked around the one-way drive, which I just found was 1.9 miles, still looking for the beach hammock trail. We did see some neat things  a couple of turtles, one was too quick for a picture.  Manatees crossing.  We found the riverway with some sweet homes  and continued around and finally saw that we had already passed the Beach hammock trail. On this trail we found 2 letterboxes: Prickly Pear and flower cactus (bonus box)  and then onto Mr. Birch’s Hammock  The park was kind of creepy with all the creatures, spiders, lizards, ants. I almost walked into a huge spider web with a creepy spider  Leaving the park we planted the aloha shirts at the gate of the park. We decided to venture over the drawbridge, yup nothing really so came back. I noticed a sign for the Bonnet house museum, of course we had to go. Another letterbox 🙂  Dive 5  we were starving and took a cab back to the beach plaza and ate at Da Big Kaunha  Bucket of beer and wings for lunch, yum!  We decide to go back to the hotel to hit the beach, the sun is out! Damn bird got in the minibar, she cost me a fortune!  We get our cooler and towels and head across the street, find a spot and chill. We were in the ocean playing with the wave runner ball and all of a sudden I felt this horrible stinging all over my body! I threw the ball and started backing out, I told Eric he needed to get the ball, I did pay $8 for the damn thing. Yup that was a no go for Eric. I got out and immedialty my abd, side, and left wrist were red and swollen and STINGING!   We did not have our phones so we went back to the room so I could call my mom. On the way Eric offered to pee on it. He said, ” Your a nurse what do we do?” My response, “Well Elmira does not have a big outbreak of jellyfish stings so I have no fucking idea”. I call my mom and she googles and the answer is vinegar. We walk down to the lobby and ask for vinegar. A guy came out and handed me a cup and said, “I peed in the cup. Just kidding thats for sea urchants” We went back to the room and I laid around for the next 3 hours with a towel soaked vinegar on my stomach. The room STUNK 😦 I decided I needed a drink, it might help the stinging to go away. Yes, it still stung. We went to the Parrot Lounge and had dinner. Watched the baseball and hockey games talking with the bartender. Ended up staying till after midnight and went to bed early.

Monday: Well we slept! the maid woke us up at 10:40, yup check out is 11. Yikes we scrambled to get our stuff around and check out a few minutes late. We were able to check out bags at the lobby. We took the hotel bus to the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Very intersting to me, I ♥ swimming.   Did you know Benjamin Franklin taught swimming lessons. How about that Edger Allen Poe held a record for swimming 7.5 miles in a river, the longest recored outdoor swim of his time. I found a picture of my jellyfish attack  yup the worldest largest jellyfish got me!  2 Olympic sized pools, swimming in a 50 meter pool is on my bucket list. Well you can swim there but the pool was being used and the other was setup as a 25 meter. Oh well another reason to come back. We started walking back towards the hotel checking things out. Went back to the beach plaza and had a ghetto lunch: turkey wrap and warm beer. Grabbed a few bud lights and caught a cab back to the hotel. Hanging at the pool cabana and enjoying our last minute time with each other.    I had a white rascal with orange and a bud light  headed to the airport at 3:30 Boo 😦 got to Elmira around 7:45 and it was 45 degrees!

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