Summer Olympics 2011

I picked Weez up at 0330 on Saturday morning, we went to Walmart to get supplies for Summer Olympis. We wandered the store trying to make up games and find a sweet trophy.  of course we needed a giant jar of kosher pickles.  our random cart of nonsense. We found these  but thought they were too CREEPY! So we went with this  WHHOOO wouldn’t want an owl? The trophy was a hoot! this is for you Weez and this or this (u better watch out Weez Come October, slappity slap, slap!)

Summer Olympics (thanks to Bill for the bar graph and somewhat of a schedule)

I told everyone games started at 4, well it started raining around 2 but people were still in. We did not start to almost 6!

Team shady showed up pimped out  for some reason they wouldnt let me get a good picture of them.


We had 10 teams of 2 people. Our first event was group volleyball, we split teams 1-5 played 6-10. Well team 6-10 won 😦 We think they cheated!    Our team played fair we rotated our peeps so everyone played. Cory was a ball hog!

Next we had a schedule so we played different teams on different events.  Corn hole  ladder ball  tug of war, which was the worse idea EVER! Our hands are all effed up!

 beer pong.  potted plants, which I made up at walmart and ended up being very difficult.

Team 10 (Boner and Dorcy) were in the lead the entire time with a few teams close behind.  They ended up winning. Team 4 was dubbed “Bonnie and Clyde” and ended up being beer pong sharks.  we played a washer game and bocce ball. I ordered hippy hops but they did not show up 😦

 Pierson at his finest.     “Major pain”  The End!

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