“Friends are family we choose for ourselves.”

What do you think of when you think a friend? Who do you think of?

Well I think of all the crazy people that would hangout at O.D. Mars with me and make the most of it

Life is often hectic and crazy. It can be hard to find time to spend with friends. I cherish the friends that I have made and do try make the friendships work. I love to see my friends smile and laugh, that’s what makes life fun!

I was out with a friend last night that was upset that her closest friend has been avoiding her. This bothered me. Life is too short to let things get in the way. If there is a problem tell the person so you can work it out and move on or decide that maybe they are not someone you need in your life. To my friend from last night, I am so happy for your new life decisions, your courage is makes me smile and I will always have your back!

In high school we had a small group that all hung out, well over the years we have all drifted apart. One person from this group was jealous that Amanda and I were such good friends after all the years. Our response “we work at it”. Friendship is a give and take. Amanda has been gone from the area for some time now (I don’t wanna remind myself how long ago we graduated) We had grown apart for a bit but have found a way to come back together. She is that person that I know(well besides Eric) I can tell anything too and I will get brutally honest answer (love her or hate her she shares her opinion, and I admire that!) It is nice to have people in my life like that. I know some of you would say if we had children things would be different but I really doubt that, we are going to grow old together.

So I was just hoping to remind some people who it is important to have friends in your life.  I have many different groups of friends and I cherish each group young and old. I try to make time for dinners, emails, random FB messages, silly text, send REAL mail and weird packages. A few seconds to think of others could change someones day.  Here is a radom collect of my friends and the times we have shared. There are WAY too many to post!


ps- it would be nice if my friends stepped up and planned things once in a while. Although it is nice being the ring leader sometimes.


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3 responses to “Friendship

  1. Heather Harkness

    Makes me sad to think of the years I missed out on all of the fun. I’m all done being the “invisible friend”………………….looking forward to lots of fun to come–I really loved this blog–very well said!!!

  2. This was one of my favorite posts as well. I love our friendship and our silliness, I wouldn’t trade it or you for anything in the world. You complete Me! 🙂 You are a natural leader is the way to look at always planning stuff, you enrich people’s lives by getting them out of the house and making them do things they wouldn’t normally do without your coaxing and planning. I know I would have never done a cardboard boat race if it weren’t for you. I would have never developed a love for travel if it weren’t for you either. You have given me courage to try new things and to be brave when otherwise I probably wouldn’t have. On that note… August 27th, Buffett, Yankees, The Preakness of Bawl Crawling, midgets, and Mexican prostitutes. Can’t wait to see you this weekend and to build the Last Minute Surprise. It will be glorious!

  3. My dearest Jen,
    Beautifully said…you are wise beyond your years….and a true friend to many. I have been thinking alot about the many people I know here in town. We meet many people along the way…….many become only acquaintances….the special ones become your friends. I cherish the friendship we have. You are right. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff and to maintain a good friendship it takes work on both sides. Though, I will be 800 miles away, I am going to do my very best to keep our friendship…I know that you will too. I am really going to miss our Thursday’s at Bernie’s….lots of great memories!!! Looking forward to Chapter 2 of my life….I just know it’s gonna be great!!!!!! 🙂 . My door will always be open for you….hope you come visit. Love you girl….you’re the best !!!!

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