out with my hubby

We had a big night planned you know Lowe’s for a grill brush, ant killer, and plants . Then maybe grab some food.

http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/frank-the-tank-old-school/1f1f92de50c50d0ead261f1f92de50c50d0ead26-913157063843?q=old+school&FROM=LKVR5&GT1=LKVR5&FORM=LKVR21  ha ha always cracks me up!

We went to Lowe’s. Eric got a cart which is out of character because we are those people who carry a bunch of crap and really should have a cart. Well when all was said and done we had a grill brush and ant killer in our cart. I wouldn’t let Eric buy random plants, we really need some help with landscaping, we are open for any suggestions!

I wanted to eat outside and watch the Yankee game, so Eric picked Buffalo Wild Wings. Patio outside with a bunch of TV’s. Well no Yankee game, BOO!!!! I tried a Heffenweizen, YUCK!  Eric is always playing with his phone and he yells at me for the number of text I get a month  We decided to get a few random things and share. Hot wings, French fries (Eric did not share, he ate 85% of them) and soft pretzels don’t get the queso dip     😦 disappointing.


    waiting for the check the waitress SUCKED!  I know I look pretty, ha ha!AHHHH, Bud light much better!

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