Team Trivia was a bust!

Team Trivia at Applebees Wed night.

Team Low Expectations: Me, Eric, Bill, and Pike

5 point round:

  1.  Tim the tool man hosted a show on his sitcom, what is his real name and what show did he host for a 5pt bonus?
  2. What punctuation mean  full stop?
  3. What is the largest populated city in the US, starting with the letter J on the East Coast?
  4. A 6 letter word for fishing gear?
  5. Colorful 2 word term for bring your lunch?

10 pointers:

  1. Metallic term for a good part of a bad situation?
  2. Short lived company that preceded the telegraph?
  3. Homophonic pair: male pig and a drill hole?
  4. audio:
  5. What town on the Forbes list is #15 most educated small towns, Nintty State football named town?

15 pointers:

  1. Arch of covenant held what?
  2. Mountain range from South Illinois across Missouri into Arkansas?
  3. Audio:
  4. Dead or Alive? Frank Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy Sinatra was famous for the song “These Boots were made for walking”  is she dead or alive?
  5. Bionacle made compact employes glass triangle? (yeah I effed this ? all up)

20 pointers:

  1. German men created this Rochester base company that made lenses for cinema, which won an oscar? Another Rochester company started to create lenses also and went on to win too many oscars to count. What are the 2 companies?
  2. Audio:
  3. psychic celebrity of the 1960’s predicted a democrat would come into office and die in office, who is the psychic?
  4. Audio:
  5. Crossword clue, 8 letter word meaning professor or principle?

 Final Question:

When Apollo 11 landed on the moon, this widow said “This was his dream sending a rocket to the moon” Who was her husband?





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One response to “Team Trivia was a bust!

  1. Answers:
    1. Tim Allen and Tool Time
    2. period
    3. Jacksonville
    4. tackle
    5. brown bag
    1. silver lining
    2. Pony express
    3. Boar and Bore
    4. Just between you and me by April Wine
    5. State College
    1. 10 commandments
    2. Ozarck mts
    3. love,hate,sex, pain by godsmack
    5. prism
    1. Kodak and Baush and Lomb
    2. Rapin Roy by Jim Croce
    3. Jean Dickson
    4. Snuff by sliptknot
    5. Educator
    Dr. Robert Goddard

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