My 2 dad’s

Happy Father’s Day!

I just wanted to share with everyone how lucky I am, I have 2 dads! Not sure I have the writing abilities to express and explain my dad and Mike but I am going to try.

 If you know us both you would say we act alot alike: sarcasm, stubborn, work ethics, and caring. I love these traits about my father and aspire to be like him. Anyone that knows my dad knows that they could call him any hour with any problem and he will do his best to fix it. I have called at 0200 to ask where my Jeep tire lock key was, Yup my Jeep! 1300 in that afternoon from Manzari’s to drink with me. 0800 while he is at work to fix the fallen tree in the yard. The list of crazy things goes on and on. He is ALWAYS available! The crazy things he has done to make me happy: making homemade potato chips, hanging out in Aruba for a week (not working), going rollerblading <—- Yes you read that correctly: The summer of 1997 my dad and I made a road trip together and went to Kansas City. We went to the movies, Airforce One, rode in a tiny car up to the top of the Gateway Arch, going to see a baseball game in a Lexus (thus beginning my ♥ of that car) and rollerblading down the street. He decided to take the breaks off his skates b/c I didn’t have any. Well we went down the street and he got going fast and decided to grab a street lamp to stop himself. The pole had gum on it and by the time he was stopped he had gum head to toe. Another great thing about my dad is that he likes Mike. I once heard him say, “You hate to see your children being raised by someone else but I could not of asked for a better person to be apart of their lives.”

Which leads me to Mike  My mom and Mike met when I was 4, so he has always been around. First of all it is ALL Mike’s fault for my love of travel, he took me on my first adventure to California at the age of 6 and I have been wanting to go everywhere ever since. I admire his dedication to health/fitness, education, and his patience. Mike would teach gymnastics so I could go to classes, he got me into swimming, has helped my running, and taught me “to always keep a basketball available in your car, you never know when a game might come up.” He is the best listener and gives rational advice, which I need! He is willing to try new things, oh man some of the dinner he made us as kids were interesting combinations! He was my biggest supporter of college and helped me along that VERY VERY long road. Kind of cool, he graduated from Elmira College too.

So to my 2 dad’s I say: THANKYOU!

 I also have a Donnie! He has been a great addition to already crazy dysfunctional family. Donnie puts up with Big palm and little palm like it’s his job. He feeds me when I am grumpy, keeps secrets,plays jokes, and loves cats  Thank you Donnie for holding the Elston family together.

Finally Happy Father’s Day to my brother  I hope you are able to take some of dad, Mike, Donnie and your self and be the awesome father you are meant to be! You are doing great so far!

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  1. mom

    Thanks for being the awesome daughter you are. I am so fortunate to have you and Joe for my children, especially after seeing some families fall completely apart. You are loved by many!!

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