Gotta Regatta 

The cardboard boat regatta is always father’s day weekend. Our boat this year was super last minute. It was Eric, Amanda, and I’s 7th year. We started Friday evening. Well it was just Amanda and I at first. We had a hard time finding a work area, the garage was too small and no sawhorses.  The chairs did not work so well. Then it started to rain and we had an accident with a child involoved. Amanda had her nephew here and that did not sit well with me, made me very grumpy! Well Bill and Weez should up and Amanda had to leave. We decided, well Bill came up with a new plan. We started wrapping the tubes  and drank some beer  and bought lots of duct tape  We finished up at about 1am, worked for about 4 hours.

Saturday June 18th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERK!  Poor Eric gets stuck doing this every year for his birthday it seems. We got there a little late but ended up with a sweet spot, we only had to carry our boat about 100 feet to the starting line. We were in heat 20, which was about half way. Hung out awhile, ate some food, had a few drinks, and check out the other boats. Check this out for the rest of the pictures of other boats, it was taking too long to upload.

Out boat name was F’real. We had 6 boaters: Me & Amanda in the front, Weez, & Pike in the middle, and Eric & Bill in the rear. ha ha rear! Well the left side of the boat was the fat kid side, we didnt really think that through  we started out a bit wabbly but got out act together till a huge boat passed us on their way back and we brought on some extra water. Our time was 4:37, not too shabby! We were able to pull the boat out at the end, we made it!

TJ and Cory made a boat, The hydrant us girls got in and it was sticky and flimsy. Well Amanda & I decided we wanted in on the race. The hydrant went in the last heat of the race. I almost changed my mind and didnt go and then ran and jumped in last minute, well, I kicked Ethel’s beak and the 2 pieces went flying, 1 in the boat and the other in the water. Amanda decided to jump in and save it and ended up getting a ride with a jetski. If you check out the above site you will see a play by play of operation save Ethel’s beak. Some might say us girls sabbatoged The Hydrant but we brought character to their boat, we finished in a time of 6:35. At the end Cory stood up and TJ & I pushed him in

We went to the Tiki bar   Then hit up the St. Mary’s church festival

I heard we made it on TV, I have yet to watch it but will share it as soon as I can figure out how!


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  1. As always, a great time to be had by all!

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