Live like your dying

As a child I always had a weird obsession with death. I would always talk my mom into walking by the morgue door at the hospital when we visited for lunch. Who does that?

I talked a clinical instructor into letting our group  tour of the morgue. Who does that?

 The first experience that I had with death, that I remember was at the age of 9. It was a horrible year for my family. We lost 3 main people in our lives. So I am not sure if the above stemmed from these experiences as a way for me to try to understand death. Since then I have had to experience death numerous times and to be honest it never does get easier.

I do believe because of death I do try to live my life-like I was dying well because we all are. Remember to spend time with loved ones and tell them before it’s too late, get working on your bucket list—> you can always add stuff as you check stuff off, and just enjoy life!

I always say that life is too short and it is!

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