My dad got a call about 6 weeks ago from his uncle Bill to let him know that his cousin Jerry had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Well my dad kept saying how he needed to get down there. I started looking up flights on Friday and we book on Sunday to leave Thursday.

Thursday: Our flight left at 6:24am. I had to work till 0330 and came home packed and showered and headed to my dad’s to drop off my Jeep. We get to the airport  and it went smoothly. When I went through security the guy said, “a pink flamingo that’s a first” Well he must be new cause this was Ethel’s 3rd trip from the Elmira/Corning airport just this year. We get on the plane, which by the way I was not sure if I would have a seat, I was considered standby for this flight when we bought the tickets.  I had a window seat and got next to a huge guy, generally big! The flight was only an hour and I slept most of it, thankfully cause there was no room. We landed in Detroit and only had a few minutes to spare. They changed our seats and we were all together, me in the middle. Landed in Nashville around 9:30 (forgot about the hour time change) we had to wait for our ride cause we told Uncle Bill 10:30. Can you believe our bags came off the plane first and together?  We found a bar and had some fries and a beer and listened to a young country singer while we waited. Uncle Bill and Ken arrived to pick us up and we had about an hour drive to Mt Pleasant.  We dropped off our things and went out. We stopped to see Libby at the nursing home, looks like she is doing well, drove by Jerry’s shop/Timmy’s house. Then off to see Jerry and Lisa. We got to go in and see Jerry for a few minutes. Lisa was busy planning for the benefit on Saturday. She was telling us stories about Jerry. How he said the other day that he wanted to go to Applebees to throw rocks through thier windows for not serving him alcohol the last time her went.  Back to Uncle Bill’s for dinner, Lasagna. Then we sat out on the back deck talking:  me, Joe, dad, and Bill. It was actually cool enough to enjoy sitting outside. I finally gave up around 2230 and tried to go to bed. (I had been up since Wed around noon) read for a while and finally fell asleep somewhat. The bed I was give was a twin, big Huge difference from my King at home, yup almost fell off a few times!

Friday: Woke up to Justin Bieber  Got up had some breakfast: eggs and toast. Decided on going for a run. I could not find my contacts so went runing in my glasses (see 26.2 miles here I come for my running adventure) Got back took an hour nap. We went to see Jerry and Lisa again then to pick up our rental car. Decided it would be a good idea to get one since we had to leave at 0330 for the airport on Monday. It was now about 1500 and we were hungry and decided on getting a snack and my dad suggested Applebees. My GPS kept taking us weird places: a round-a-bout. We did find the Fuzzy Duck liquor store and went in to get some NY state wines, for a basket to donate. They actually had Bully Hill. Damn it, I forgot my ID! We finally find the Applebees and order some appetizers yup me with my water, NO ID NO drink 😦 We found a Hobby Lobby across the street and got a basket and wine glasses. Headed back to Bill’s to get ready for dinner. We put our basket together, well my dad, Bill, and I. Yup took the 3 of us to get it to look somewhat ok. We met the rest of the family at a mexican resturant, there was 17 total and then 2 more showed up from Florida. Had a huge dinner and it was super cheap for the amount of people eating. My dad, brother, and I left for Nashville. We found the strip of bars and headed out. It was meant to be Margaritaville was on the corner. We headed there first and had a drink. a I found Abbi a shirt: Future parrot head. We walked down towards the river and I wanted boots for me and a hat for Ethel. The boots were nice BUT not $300+ nice. Although they were buy 1 get 2 free. Oh well I gave up on my search. We headed to the Wild Horse Saloon     Then walked some more and went to Tootsies, good timing too. That place was crazy busy and crowded we barley got 10 feet in the door.  Then to Rippy’s  My broter pointed out this guy well his pants. Wondering what Eric would think. We decided to get 1 more. My dad would not let us go here  so we went to Coyote Ugly (lamest I have ever been to)  and headed back to the car. Ethel went for a swim

Saturday: Up and at em’. We decided to take Jerry’s camero out for the poker run. We met at the Elks   and went to Lucy’s    drove around for awhile and headed to Puckett Bros. This little town was odd, on the way in town were 2 cars: the Generalee and the Mayberry squad car. Pulled into the church parking lot and walked up to the “bar”. The Beverly Hillbilly car  We get into Puckett Bros and it’s a convient store/resturant/bar. Joe and I got some food: Pulled pork, YUMMM!  I walked around a bit, it was such a cute little town   went back tothe parking lot to load up.    back into the car, it was hot but not too bad of a ride. Onto the Loggers Inn   Back in the car and we stopped at Jerry & Lisa’s house. It was hard to see the big biker dudes all upset. We decided to skip the last bar and take the car back. We then went to back to the Elks for the party, we all lost the poker run. The winner did get $890, which he donated.      There was a silent auction. I found an ipod dock that a friend wanted so I bid on that and a few other things. I won the ipod dock and a bottle of Fireball  My dad bid on a painting to give to uncle Bill  there was a donated guitar signed by Amy Grant and Vince Gill, which was bought and donated again.Brittany won the Nintendo DS  What an awesome thing to see, people were very generous. I believe over $13,000 was raised that night!

Sunday: Up a bit later, ha ha around 9. Got ready and my dad, Brittany, and I went to Walmart to get a few things. Then to find a letterbox. We parked the car and headed down, down, down the trail  we found the site for the letterbox  and then onto the waterfall  we headed back up the trail, it was hot and long way back up. We got back to the car just in time, it stared pouring rain. Back to the house for a indoor picnic and dominos. We learned about chicken feet. Went to bed around 11 and had to be up by 3am to drive to the airport to get out 6am flight. Back in Elmira at about 11:30. EXHAUSTED! Long weekend but worth it! Jerry Turned 54 on Monday and passed on Wednesday!

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