BoOzE CrUiSe

Wed July 6th:

A group met up at Seneca Lake for Burgers, Brews, & Blues Cruise. Cap’t Bill’s Does this every Wednesday night all summer long. We went last year, thanks to Heather for letting me know it existed.  I got a group of 10 peeps that wanted in. Heather called and made us a reservation (which I would recommend doing if you ever go).

 Me, Eric, Heather, Vince, Bill, Pikers, Kim, Janet & Nick. (Dan bailed d/t car troubles) On the way up I was super excited it looked so nice, then we get to Watkins and it got all dark over the lake. Damn must have jinxed us. Our tables were upstairs with no AC. Bill and I got BlueMoon bottles and made a huge mess as soon as we sat down.  Why Blue Moon? Well the damn boat did not have any Budlight, yup she tells us as we are pulling out of the dock. I said, “get me off this damn boat”.  It started to rain and they put down all the plastic windows and it got HOT in there. We ate some dinner: Burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and salads. We headed out to the front of the boat to check out the sites and it was kind of cold. I put Ethel on the rail  and Eric decided I needed a better picture  I was SUPER scared, she is part of the family and how could I explain to everyone that she ended lost in Seneca Lake? Eric would have been in big trouble but he said he was ready to grab her if need be. I got everyone to go down to the bar for a group picture.  (dont ask, my hands look GIANT) Then the boys had to mess with the naked lady on the bar   back up to the top  Janet with a mudslide and cookies, YUMMY!    Vince took these with his fast camera 🙂

  redo:  heading back, the whole cruise takes 2 hours. You go about half way up the lake and turn around, its neat to look at all the cottages nice and not so nice and small waterfalls going into the lake.

    Don’t ask, for some reason I guess I decided I would pull up my dress.  yeah kind of crappy but I need a new tripod.

  We wne to Bleached’s for a drink, YEAH Budlight. Then onto Busch’s on our way home  guess we weren’t ready.  That’s better.

So guy came up and wanted to borrow Ethel. I made him give me his sunglasses as collateral and kept a VERY good eye on him. He did bad things with poor innocent Ethel, she needs a bath!  The End!

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